CNG Bike: Soon CNG bike will enter the market.. from which company..!

CNG Bike Model
CNG Bike: Soon CNG bike will enter the market.. from which company..!

CNG Bike: With rising petrol and diesel prices, many people are afraid to buy vehicles. However, CNG and EV vehicles have come as an alternative to petrol and diesel. But since the prices of EVs are a bit high, many people are turning to CNG. CNG is available in three wheelers and four wheelers. But CNG vehicles are not available in two wheelers. Apart from petrol and EV, no other variant is available in two wheelers.

Recently, Bajaj Auto is making efforts to bring CNG two wheelers. Bajaj Auto MD Rajeev Bajaj also spoke on this.
He said that the CNG network is developing rapidly. He explained that he was bringing a CNG bike. These CNG bikes are likely to come with front disc brake and commuter stand between 110-125 cc. It will launch a CNG bike aimed at mileage conscious customers.

It seems that this bike may be launched with a different brand. Bajaj Auto is said to be developing the world’s first CNG motorcycle. It seems that the first Bajaj CNG two wheeler will be launched in June this year. Bajaj Group will spend Rs 35,000 crore on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) over the next five years, said MD Rajeev Bajaj.

Bajaj’s most successful vehicle is the Pulsar. The company expects sales of these Pulsar bikes to reach two million units soon. Bajaj introduced the Pulsar in 2001. After that Pulsar bikes came with many changes. Bajaj company will soon release Pulsar bike with 400 cc engine. If CNG bikes enter the market, the demand is likely to be huge.


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