Digital Gold: Even if you have Rs.10 in your pocket, you can buy gold.. ‘Jar’ users have crossed 2 crores!

Digital Gold
Digital Gold: Even if you have Rs.10 in your pocket, you can buy gold.. 'Jar' users have crossed 2 crores!

Digital Gold: It is known that gold prices are increasing day by day and creating new records. A situation where one has to spend thousands of rupees to buy jewellery. As a result, poor and middle class families are left behind. The popular digital gold app Czar has come up with a solution to this problem. You can buy gold even if you have Rs.10 in your pocket. 2 crore people have already joined this app. Let’s find out the details.

Digital Gold: Gold prices hit record highs. Day by day they are increasing heavily. In our country gold is used not only as jewelery but also as an investment tool. However, now it costs more than Rs.65 thousand to buy a weight of gold. There are situations where middle-class families take years, not months, to save up money to buy even a small piece of jewelry. Till then it will grow more. However, there is no need to accumulate money and buy gold. Even if we have Rs.10 in our pocket, we can buy gold. This convenience is made available by popular digital gold application ‘Jar APP’.

Galla Gurigi has made these digital gold investments available with the original concept. Tsar. You can buy gold on a day-by-day basis or even when you have money all at once. One can keep track of how many grams of gold they have in their account. The number of people using this app is increasing rapidly due to the convenience of buying gold very easily. The company said it has crossed the 20 million user mark with a customer friendly interface. It revealed that an average Jar user uses the app 202 times a month. Jar continues to be the leader in the current digital gold space with over 1 million transactions per day.

The company said that Jar will allow customers to start saving with as little as Rs 10 in just 45 seconds. It said that there is an opportunity to invest in 24 carat gold, where digital gold refers to pure gold. Jar users can buy as much gold as they want. The Czar offers the option of taking it back as gold and silver.

Zaar App was co-founded by Nischay and Mishab Ashraf. Special attention is paid to the day-to-day savings of the average middle class people in our country. Realizing that they do not have a proper investment strategy, this jar was made available to enable them to invest in gold. ZarApp has been named one of the top startups announced by LinkedIn in 2023, the company said. Details should be provided after downloading jar app. Link to UPI or bank account. You can buy gold by choosing Auto Pay option. Also the gold in the account can be converted into money by selling it at that day’s price. This is a kind of trading.


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