BharatGPT: Mukesh Ambani is working on BharatGPT to compete with ChatGPT, bringing this service for TV

BharatGPT: Mukesh Ambani is working on BharatGPT to compete with ChatGPT, bringing this service for TV

BharatGPT: Reliance Jio Infocomm Chairman Akash Ambani said that the company is working on an AI chatbot to compete with Chat GPT. Besides, a new service company is also going to be launched for the TV market.

Reliance Jio Infocom Chairman Akash Ambani told in the company’s Annual Techfest that the company is working with IIT Bombay on an AI chatbot which will work like Chat GPT. He told that the company has been working on BharatGPT since 2014 and it is being prepared by taking inspiration from all the language models. However, he did not give information about when this chatbot will be launched at the event. Akash Ambani stressed on realizing the company’s ‘Jio 2.0’ vision and creating a strong ecosystem. He said that the aim of the company is to use AI in every field so that a new ecosystem can be created.

Company making OS for TV

At the Annual Techfest, Akash Ambani said that apart from Bharat GPT, the company is working on its own OS for TV. Apart from telecommunication, the company also wants to progress in this field and further expand its services in media, commerce, device and communication sectors.

Economy will reach 6 trillion dollars

Akash Ambani also expressed happiness over the company’s 5G rollout at the event and said that the company will provide 5G network to organizations of every size. He said that India will remain a big innovation center for the next decade and by the end of this decade the country’s economy will reach 6 trillion dollars.

Jio launches Happy New Year plan

Reliance Jio has launched ‘Happy New Year Plan’ some time ago. The daily expense of this plan is only Rs 8.21. Under the Happy New Year 2024 prepaid plan, the company is giving a separate validity of 24 days. That means you will get the benefit of 365+24 days. Under the New Year Plan, customers get the benefit of 2GB data, unlimited calling and daily 100 SMS every day for 365 days. Like other plans of Jio, people who have availed the benefit of Jio Welcome Offer will get unlimited 5G internet in this plan.


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