How To Keep Phone Cool In Summer: Does the phone heat up too much in summer? Note these tips now

How To Keep Phone Cool In Summer
How To Keep Phone Cool In Summer: Does the phone heat up too much in summer? Note these tips now

How To Keep Phone Cool In Summer: Overheating Phone In Summer: How To Take Care Of Your Phone In Summer Follow these tips if the phone is overheating.

Overheating Phone In Summer: Summer heat has increased. Due to the hot summer, streams of sweat have started flowing and the citizens have become restless. Heat wave is expected in Maharashtra for the next five days. In many districts including Mumbai, the mercury has crossed forty. Therefore, citizens are being urged to avoid going out of their homes at noon. In summer we take care of ourselves. But these days your phone also needs special care. Because the phone heats up due to summer. In some places, it has also come to light that accidents have occurred due to battery bursting due to heating of the phone.

How to take care of phone in summer. During this heat the phone sometimes gets very hot. Be it Android or iPhone, the phone can overheat due to the increase in temperature. That slows down the phone and can also cause battery leakage issues. These tips may help you to keep your phone safe.

Remember these 6 tips

1) Put the phone in the bag
Avoid keeping the phone in your pocket when the temperature is high or on hot summer days. Your phone can overheat due to your body heat and hot summer. So either keep the phone in your bag or try to keep it away from the body

2) Restart
If the phone overheats, do not use it for a while or restart it. Also, remove the phone cover and keep it aside. Because of that

3) Airplane Mode
If there are too many apps in the phone, clear the bankground. Playing games, making phone calls, if Bankground has more than one app, the phone slows down. Also, this also causes the phone to heat up quickly. So keep the phone on airplane mode if possible.

4) Do not keep the phone in the car
If your car is parked in the sun, don’t leave your phone in the car. The temperature in a parked car can rise. This temperature is such that you can cook food comfortably. And this temperature is not suitable for your phone.

5) While charging the phone
Do not place a pillow or blanket under the phone while it is charging as it may overheat the phone. Make sure the place is cool while charging the phone.

6) Phone background
When using the phone in full sun, the bankground of the phone is very high. Due to this, the phone heats up more. So keep the phone screen background low

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