Airtel ends the tension of 28 days validity, now SIM will remain active for 35 days

Airtel ends the tension of 28 days validity, now SIM will remain active for 35 days

Airtel has different types of plans available for its crores of users. The company also offers many types of plans with long validity to its customers. Today we are going to give you information about a plan of Airtel which has a validity of 35 days.

Airtel best Validity Offer: Whenever there is talk of network connectivity and fast internet, Airtel’s name is definitely taken. Airtel is the second largest telecom company in the country. At present the company has more than 37 crore users and for them the company keeps offering new offers and new plans from time to time. We are going to tell you about one such plan of Airtel in which users get great validity offer.

Actually, Airtel offers different offers on data, calling, OTT and validity. In today’s time, where most of the telecom companies offer 28 days validity to their users in their recharge plan, Airtel is offering a long validity of 35 days to its customers in its powerful recharge plan. Let us tell you in detail about this plan of Airtel.

The tension of 28 days validity is over

Let us tell you that Airtel has a long list of recharge plans. The company offers many long term plans to its customers. Often, smartphone users are worried about the validity of the plan ending within 28 days after purchasing a recharge plan, but now Airtel has given its users a solution.

Airtel’s explosive plan

There is a cheap and affordable recharge plan of Rs 289 in Airtel’s list. In this plan, the company offers a long validity of 35 days to its users. In this plan, the company provides the facility of free calling as well as free SMS to the customers during the entire validity. If you take this plan then you get 300 SMS for 35 days i.e. you can use 100 SMS every day.

If you are a user who needs a lot of data, then this plan may disappoint you a bit. The company offers only 4GB data for full validity. However, if you do not need much data and you only need a recharge plan for calling, then this plan becomes the best option.

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