Google Find My Device: ‘Find My Device’ network for Android phones.. Pixel 8 phones can be easily tracked even if they are off!

Google Find My Device
Google Find My Device: 'Find My Device' network for Android phones.. Pixel 8 phones can be easily tracked even if they are off!

Google Find My Device : Google has launched the Find My Device network for Android phones. Mainly Pixel 8 devices can be easily tracked even if they are switched off.

Google Find My Device : Lost your Android phone somewhere? Even if your phone is switched off, it can be easily tracked. Until now, only Apple users had the Find My Device feature. Easily track lost products like iPhones, AirPads etc.

Now, Google has also launched Find My Device Network, especially for Android phones. According to the schedule, this tracking feature was supposed to be launched last year itself. But, there has been a delay due to cybercriminals misusing this feature. Now Google has announced in a blog post that the feature network is finally rolling out.

Coming soon to global users

Google has introduced the new Find My Device feature in the US and Canada. Coming soon to Android devices worldwide. With a new, crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices, Find My Device helps you track down your lost Android device.

A feature called Find My Device allows Android users to locate their phones, smartwatches, earbuds and trackers even when they are offline. While this feature is currently available in America and Canada, Google will expand it globally in the coming days.

It can be tracked even if the phone is switched off

The existing Find My Device setting only works when the device is turned on. The new network uses Bluetooth to detect devices disconnected from Wi-Fi or cellular networks. This feature, called powered off finding, stores beacons in the device’s Bluetooth controller memory. Allows the network to recognize supported devices even if they are not connected. Moreover.. Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro phones can be tracked even if these phones are powered off or the battery is dead.

Google lists 5 ways users can locate their devices using the Find My Device network.

  • Supported Android devices can be easily located even offline by ringing or tracking their location on a map.
  • Use the Find My Device app to locate keys or items through Bluetooth tracker tags made by Chipolo and Pebblebee.
  • Use the ‘Find Nearby’ button to locate nearby objects such as wallets or keys using Bluetooth tags.
  • Home Nest devices can easily track lost phones or other items.
  • Share the accessory with others through the app. Lets everyone track it.

Find My Device Network supports this feature on any Android phone running Android version 9 or later, the company said. Google claims that ‘Find My Device’ prioritizes network security and privacy with features like end-to-end encryption of location data and device location reporting to protect against unwanted tracking.

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