Google Layoffs: These 30 thousand Google employees’ jobs are in danger, 12 thousand people have already been laid off.

Google Layoffs
Google Layoffs: These 30 thousand Google employees' jobs are in danger, 12 thousand people have already been laid off.

Google Layoffs: Google has not said anything clearly about layoffs again, but it has started preparations to restructure the department with a team of 30 thousand people.

Google Ad Sales: Once again clouds of layoffs are looming in the world’s leading tech company Google Inc. The company had shown the exit door to 12,000 employees earlier this year. This was the biggest layoff ever in the history of the company. Now Google is going to make changes in its advertising sales unit. Since then, discussions have started among the employees about starting the retrenchment process again. About 30 thousand people work in this department.

Sundar Pichai had termed the method of retrenchment as wrong.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai had recently said that the company did not carry out the layoff process (Google Layoffs) properly. However, he justified the layoffs as a very important step for the future of the company. He said that if this was not done, Google would have faced many adverse consequences in the future. However, no one has been fired following the layoffs scheduled for early 2023.

what is going to happen in google

According to the information, in the meeting held last week, Google America and Global Partners President Sean Downey told about the plan to restructure the ad sales team. Although he did not mention layoffs during the meeting, clouds of apprehension started looming among the employees in the company.

Why can there be layoffs?

Google is continuously investing in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Apart from this, the company is using machine learning in ad purchase. People’s jobs are at risk everywhere due to the use of AI. That’s why the employees are apprehensive. If the company does not fire the employees, they can be transferred to some other department. Google has not said anything on this issue yet.

Employees were fired due to fear of recession

Google’s parent company Alphabet had fired 12 thousand people due to fear of recession. Pichai had said that we did not try the right way to inform the affected employees. This had a bad effect on their morale. Sundar Pichai had said that we have never seen such a time in 25 years at Google. Google did not handle this process well. We should not have informed the employees at the same time.


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