Mr and Mrs Mahi Review: Rajkumar-Jhanvi’s film is full of emotions, cricket is ‘toolkit’, will miss the game spirit

Mr and Mrs Mahi Review
Mr and Mrs Mahi Review: Rajkumar-Jhanvi's film is full of emotions, cricket is 'toolkit', will miss the game spirit

Mr and Mrs Mahi Review: Rajkumar Rao and Jhanvi Kapoor’s much-awaited film has been released in theatres. Let us tell you how well this sports drama film has tried to live up to the expectations.

‘My son will become an engineer when he grows up…my daughter will study and become a doctor.’ You must have often heard parents say this to their children. Some children make their parents’ dreams their own and start working hard for it. Some children try to weave their own dreams by breaking away from this norm. Sometimes they reach their destination while weaving these dreams. While many fail in this attempt and spend their lives in despair and are called losers.

But sometimes a person finds his happiness even in this despair, the one who cannot find it becomes ‘Mrs. Mahi’s Mr. Mahi’. Rajkumar Rao and Janhvi Kapoor starrer ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’ is one such story. Let us tell you how is the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’, which is directed by Sharan Sharma. He has also written it along with Nikhil Mehrotra.

Story of the Mr and Mrs Mahi

‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’ is the story of Mahendra Agarwal (Rajkummar Rao) and Mahima Agarwal (Janhvi Kapoor). Both are similar, from the name Mahi to their unwavering passion for cricket, they have a lot in common. Mahendra wanted to become a cricketer since childhood, but could not try much due to the pressure of his father (Kumud Mishra). Finally, he had to sit at the shop and is just passing his life in the absence of respect. He has a craze to become a star by any means. On the other hand, there is Mahi, who wanted to become a cricketer in her childhood, but became a doctor due to the pressure of her father. Now she becomes happy only by watching cricket. How these two different but similar people get married and how the cricketer inside them wakes up and rains fours and sixes on the field, you will know this after watching the film.

Mr and Mrs Mahi is full of emotions

It would have been better if the film ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’ was called just a drama-drama instead of putting it in the sports-drama genre. There is no emotion left that is not there in this film. Romance, fight, jealousy, anger, crying, betrayal, inspiration, celebration, the makers have used every emotion in the film. Whether it is the father proving his son useless in a moment and turning him into a salesman. Or the son considering himself the best cricketer and then feeling defeated, and getting his work done by putting a gun on his wife’s shoulder. Then the wife, despite having faith in her own game, leaving the entire responsibility of her game on her husband. The film struggles with emotional turmoil every moment.

The only thing that is not shown is the game of cricket, which you might expect to think of going to the theatre. That is why we said that it would have been better if the film was called a drama. The film does not surprise you anywhere, but the good thing is that it does not deviate from the track it started on. You will not need to use your mind much to watch Mr. and Mrs. Mahi, but you will definitely get some enjoyment with the family. Yes, if you are a very sensitive person, then definitely keep a handkerchief with you.

Mr and Mrs Mahi Acting

Jhanvi Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao have done a good job. Rajkumar looks very composed, but when he cries, he will remind you of Kabir Sagar from the movie ‘Ludo’. On the other hand, Jahnvi, who is getting better with every movie, her looks, dialogue delivery, everything seems like it was from the movie ‘Bawaal’. Kumud Mishra has done a work that leaves an impression on your mind. Kumud is absolutely fit in his role, you will not even realize when he turns from a grumpy father to an opportunist and a top salesman. Believe me, you will curse his character that ‘what kind of a father is he.’ Zarina Wahab, who is playing the role of Rajkumar Rao’s mother, does not have many scenes, but she put her heart and soul into a 5-minute one-to-one scene with Rajkumar. Rajesh Sharma also shows the right mirror in the role of a cricket coach.

Mr and Mrs Mahi Before we go…

Let us tell cricket lovers that ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’ has no connection with Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Mrs. Mahi has picked up the bat only to hit a shot. She has nothing to do with playing cricket. Yes, she looks good while posing to hit shots. There are not many songs in the film but whatever songs are there are suitable. They will sound good. The picturization and screenplay are also good. Along with this review of ours, the film has reached the theatres. After watching ‘Mr. and Mrs. Mahi’, do tell us in the comments how you liked the film.

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