‘Family Star’ Movie Review.. ‘Kathe Undala Enti’.. Hey Govardana!!

Family Star Movie Review
'Family Star' Movie Review.. 'Kathe Undala Enti'.. Hey Govardana!!

Family Star Movie Review: Great stories do not come naturally. Even if it is borrowed, it remains as if it is pasted.. The soul is not visible in it. It is not a story borrowed from ‘Family Star’.. It is not a story lifted from a side industry. This is our story.. the story of all of us. The story of our home. The story of every ‘family star’ who has a family and carries family responsibilities.

Family Star Movie Review: Usually we say that a movie is good after watching it.. but every now and then there are movies that we feel that it is going to be good. The movie ‘Family Star’ hit the theaters with such positive buzz. And is this movie really good? Or is it just to feel? Let’s see that in the review.

Hero Govarthan (Vijay Devarakonda) is the ‘family star’ who carries all the responsibilities of the family. He has an older brother who is a drunkard.. Another younger brother who depends on his younger brother’s earnings. Two hundred.. They have half a dozen children. Grandma is the big direction for all of them. The burden and responsibility of all of them is Govarthan. From bringing milk packets in the morning to getting the children ready and sending them to school, the entire responsibility of the house is this family star. Research scholar Indu (Mrinal Thakur) moves into such a house. Fall in love with our Govartha. But besides falling in love with Govardhan.. a book is written about him about his family. Goverthan, who read the book, distanced himself from its two sides. How did Indu and Govarthans meet after being separated like that? What was actually written in that book.. Why was Goverthan angry? After that, the story of ‘Family Star’ is how Induni reached the unwanted Govarthan.

The hero who carries the responsibilities of the house.. the heroine who loves him.. family problems.. twists and turns in their love story. In the end the story has a happy ending. It’s all a routine family stories setup. But.. the director’s talent lies in making that routine setup a roller coaster ride. As senior director Teja said.. there is no such thing as new stories. The important thing is how we told the story..how much we liked it. This is also the success formula of director Parusuram Petla. Pagadabandi turns the single line story into an entertaining screenplay. He doesn’t give big messages but.. he only tells his intentions.. those who listen will listen.. those who don’t want to will leave. But Parashuram could not work out his success formula properly in ‘Family Star’.

The producer is Dil Raju.. the hero is Vijay Devarakonda.. the heroine is Mrinal Tagore.. and what is the story? There is no clarity about its course and direction. In the climax, the hero says a dialogue.. If you read that book, you will get clarity. But the viewing audience does not get clarity about what the book is about.. what is actually written in it.. why it was written. After knowing the real thing.. I feel that this is why they broke up.. Is there any strong reason to meet a pony ie.. to meet when not to break up? Enettu sa…gaesan serial model.

Vijay Devakonda The movie ‘Geetha Govindam’ gave me the belief that he could make a Rs.150 crore film. It is no small matter that Geetha Govindam, which was completed with Rs.8 crores, has raked in Rs.150 crores. Parushuram is the first director who has given a hundred crore film in Vijay’s career. Expectations are double for the movie in the combo of these two. Vijay also said that Rs. 200 crores is the right price, so the family star gave hopes that he is going to hit hard. But the storyless ‘Family Star’ was limited to entertainment.

Exactly 21 years ago on this day.. that is on April 05, the movie ‘Dil’ established Raju Gari as Dil Raju in the industry. On the same day, Dil Raju released the movie ‘Family Star’ after 21 years. It is said that ‘Family Star’ is a story with Dil.. But the lack of actual story to tell is a big minus of Family Star.

The characters are not well defined, but even if the story is a bit scattered, the story is established by the strong characters who carry the respective characters on their shoulders. Vijay Govarthan’s role is similar but there is not much in it that connects with the family audience. Eye-watering scenes.. Heart-wrenching emotions. Emotions that connect with family audiences like this.. It is better not to expect from ‘Family Star’.

Abbabba.. what a great story.. a never heard story.. there is no such thing as a story never seen anywhere.. simple like that.. ‘Family Star’ goes on and on. Character conflict is the key in Parashuram’s stories. Solo and Geetha Govindam, which came under his direction, belong to this category. Adding family emotions to the sensitive elements of love stories.. Adding screenplay in his own style.. Parashuram drives the story with the conflict of characters. But Parusuram missed the mark in Family Star. The story is titled as Family Star, but the scenes of strong family emotions are lacking.

The Puri mark is often seen in Parashuram’s dialogues. As both of them are from the same town, that is the effect or something.. Parashuram’s pen power will connect with the audience. Moreover, Puri’s family name is not the same.. Parashuram’s family name is not the same.. Not only do these two have a town name match.. They are also the same in writing dialogues that make the audience whistle. Even in the movie Family Star.. Parasuram’s dialogues are very natural. Usually we see the same words we talk at home on the screen

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