Apple 17.3 iOS Update: Now the phone will not be stolen! Apple brings new update of iOS 17.3, how will this feature work?

apple ios 17.3 update

Apple 17.3 iOS Update: Apple has rolled out a new feature for iPhone users. The name of this feature is Stolen Device Protection, which will be available under the latest update of iOS 17.3. With the help of Stolen Device Protection feature, users can protect their handset from theft and loss. With this feature, the sensitive data present in the iPhone will also remain safe.

Apple 17.3 iOS Update: Keeping in mind the needs of its iPhone users, Apple rolled out a new update of the operating system. The name of this update is iOS 17.3. A special feature Stolen Device Protection has been included in it. This feature was also discussed a lot. Let us know about it in details.

With the help of Apple’s Stolen Device Protection, users will get an extra layer of security. This layer is activated when the user is at his familiar location i.e. unknown location. For example, if you go from office to home and from home to office daily, then it is a familiar location.

Will be enabled at unknown location

This feature of iOS 17.3 will be activated when you are not at a familiar location. After this, many new features including double authentication will be activated in the mobile. Double authentication will be required to change important information or password etc.

This feature will prove to be very useful when your smartphone gets stolen. After theft or loss, no person will be able to change its password etc. This feature will protect the sensitive information present in the iPhone.

Will have to wait for the second biometric

Another advantage of enabling Stolen Device Protection is that once the biometric attempt fails at the new location, users will get another biometric attempt after about an hour. The purpose of bringing this feature is to protect the iPhone from theft and loss.

How to enable this feature

Users can enable this feature after updating to iOS 17.3 operating system in eligible iPhones. To activate this feature, users will have to go to Passcode settings. This feature will be available only in iOS 17.3 or above version.

What else is new in iOS 17.3?

Talking about other features of iOS 17.3, Apple Music collaborative playlists will be available in it. This feature was first spotted in iOS 17.2 beta version. Apart from this, AirPlay 2 support has been expanded. With its help, iPhone and iPad users will be able to stream content on the TV installed in the hotel.


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