AI Threat On Jobs: 1,000 jobs lost in Paytm due to AI, threat of artificial intelligence looming on lakhs of jobs.

AI Threat On Jobs
AI Threat On Jobs: 1,000 jobs lost in Paytm due to AI, threat of artificial intelligence looming on lakhs of jobs.

Artificial Intelligence: Many economists and agencies across the world have recently warned governments about the threat to employment from AI and have asked them to regulate it.

AI Threat On Jobs: The year 2023 is about to end. And finally what was feared happened. Artificial Intelligence in 2023 was discussed throughout the year. But this same AI swallowed the jobs of about 1,000 employees in One97 Communications Limited, a company operating under the name Paytm, the country’s largest payment bank. The company has shown the way out to 1,000 employees to reduce costs in its multiple divisions and this process had started from October 2023 itself.

Jobs lost due to AI!

Paytm says that the company is going to make major changes in its operations by eliminating repetitive tasks and roles with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Through AI powered automation, the company will be able to save 10 to 15 percent on employee expenses. Apparently, due to AI, 1,000 people have lost their jobs. In the year 2023, many big agencies of the world and economists have warned the governments regarding Artificial Intelligence.

Fear of AI on employment!

36 percent of the people involved in a global survey believe that they may lose their jobs due to Artificial Intelligence. In March 2023, Goldman Sachs had said in its report that 300 million full-time jobs are at risk due to AI. PWC said in its Annual Global Workforce Survey that one-third of people are afraid that AI could take away their jobs in the next three years.

Many countries are preparing to regulate

The world is becoming aware and alert of the challenges and dangers of Artificial Intelligence. In such a situation, complete preparations are going on to regulate AI. The European Union has taken the first step in this direction. Other countries of the world are also considering regulating AI. Recently, the impact of AI has also been discussed in the US Congress. Members of the US Congress are in favor of regulating AI. China has already started taking strict action against AI.

Geeta Gopinath has also warned

IMF’s First Deputy Managing Director Geeta Gopinath also expressed concern about the impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs and advised governments to make rules to regulate this technology as soon as possible. . At present, AI has taken the jobs of 1000 people in Paytm and now this disease can spread to other places also.


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