Zomato launches ‘large order fleet’, 50 people will be able to order food at once

large order fleet zomato
Zomato launches 'large order fleet', 50 people will be able to order food at once

Large Order Fleet Zomato: It was told by Zomato that this will be an all-electric fleet. For this, the company will serve large orders coming from parties, birthdays and other small events.

Food delivery company Zomato has launched a large order fleet on Tuesday. Through this fleet, customers can now order food for up to 50 people at a time directly from Zomato. The company is trying to increase its market share by getting orders from parties, birthdays and other small events through this service.

Goyal gave the information on social media

Zomato CEO and Co-Founder Deepinder Goyal said in a social media post on X that it will be an all-electric fleet. In this, the driver can easily carry large orders. Earlier, these types of orders were served through several regular delivery partners. This leads to poor customer experience.

Today we are excited to introduce India’s first large order fleet, designed to handle all your large (group/party/event) orders with ease. It is a fully electric raft specially designed for gatherings of up to 50 people.

Customer experience will be better

Goyal further said that earlier, such large orders were fulfilled through multiple fleet delivery partners. This was not consistent with our customer experience. All problems will be solved through these vehicles.

Further told that work is being done on these vehicles. Zomato is going to make many more important changes in its fleet. This includes modifications such as a cooling compartment and a hot box, which will ensure that the goods arrive as designed.

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