Rahul Gandhi Marriage: Rahul Gandhi announced he will getting married soon.. Stated while being shy..

Rahul Gandhi Marriage
Rahul Gandhi Marriage: Rahul Gandhi announced he will getting married soon.. Stated while being shy..

Rahul Gandhi Marriage Statement Goes Viral: Rahul Gandhi, the country’s biggest bachelor, has heard the good news. He announced that he must get married soon. The video has gone viral.

Rahul Gandhi Marriage: The oldest unmarried man in Indian politics is the most recognizable name of Rahul Gandhi. Rahul, who continues to be the top leader of the Congress party, is still unmarried after fifty years. No matter where you go, the question ‘When will you get married’ is not missing. Rahul is facing difficulties as the same question is being raised in the Lok Sabha election campaign. The whole country is waiting for his marriage. Recently Rahul shared the good news about his marriage. He announced that he will get married soon.

Rahul Gandhi visited Rae Bareli constituency in which he is contesting as part of the Lok Sabha election campaign on Monday. Along with his sister Priyanka Gandhi, both of them participated in the public meeting held after the election campaign. On this occasion, some questions were received from people and party workers. Josh answered them. At the end of the speech, the party ranks asked a big question. He asked ‘when will we get married’. Ashamed, Rahul left saying ‘I will not get married soon’. Priyanka Gandhi also laughed at her younger brother’s statement. Rahul is currently 53 years old.

Earlier, Rahul declared that he will not get married. Even if the people are completely devoted to the Congress party. It is known that in the past it was announced that there is no chance of marriage in this order. But now, contrary to that statement, Rahul has announced that he will get married.

It is known that Rahul is contesting in two seats in the current Lok Sabha elections. Rahul Gandhi, who is contesting from Wayanad in Kerala, is also contesting from Rae Bareli in Uttar Pradesh, which is the stronghold of his party. Polling in Wayanad has already been completed and polling will be held in Rae Bareli soon. Rahul is determined to win from the seat sacrificed by his mother. There is severe criticism from opponents on the competition in both places. The BJP is alleging that Rae Bareli was chosen as a safe area as the defeat in Wayanad was certain.


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