Parle-G Girl: Parle-G girl gone! who is this new boy on the packet? The company told the whole thing

Parle-G Girl
Parle-G Girl: Parle-G girl gone! who is this new boy on the packet? The company told the whole thing

Parle-G Girl: arle has shared a post on the company’s official Instagram account with the picture of an Instagram influencer instead of the Parle Girl on the wrapper of the packet of Parle-G biscuits. In this, the name of Parle-G has also been changed. This post is going viral rapidly.

Whenever there is talk of biscuits, the first name that immediately comes to mind is Parle-G, along with this the picture of Parle Girl printed on the packet of biscuits also comes to mind. But now the picture of Parle Girl has disappeared from the packet. We are not saying this, rather the company itself has shared a photo of the packet with a new picture on its official Instagram account and in it, instead of Parle Girl, the picture of an Instagram influencer is seen. Not only this, but the name has also changed. Let us understand what this is all about?

Parle-G started before independence

There is no dearth of fans for Parle-G biscuits, which was started before the country got independence, and this is the reason why Parle, a company which started with candy in a small factory, has today become a company worth more than Rs 17000 crore. Many brands have come and gone in this sector in the market but the dominance of Parle-G remains intact.

Parle-G Girl
Parle-G Girl Now Changed

In the year 2011, according to Nielsen survey, Parle-G had emerged as the best selling biscuit brand in the world. The picture of a cute girl on its packet attracted everyone and it became the identity of this biscuit brand. But Parle company has shared a new image of the biscuit packet on its Instagram account, which is becoming increasingly viral and there is discussion on social media whether the Parle Girl has been replaced.

Bunshah’s video was going viral

Parle company has surprised internet users by replacing the picture of Parle Girl with the picture of an Instagram influencer. This picture is of social media content creator Zevran J Bunshah. Not only the picture but also the name Bunshah-G is written on the packet instead of Parle-G. Actually, Jerwan Jebanshah had asked one of his video followers that if you met the owner of Parle, would you call him Parleser, Mr. Parleya Parle ji? In this video, the famous song ‘Ae Ji O Ji’ from Anil Kapoor’s film ‘Ram-Lakhan’ is also playing in the background. This video of Bunshah quickly went viral and users were reacting to it in various ways.

The company made a funny post on Instagram

This video which went viral on social media not only attracted Insta users but also caught the attention of Parle company. Then what, the company also posted something in response to this entertaining video, which became a topic of discussion. Parle-G commented in its official account that Bunshah ji, you can also call us OG. Along with this, Parle-G also posted a smiling picture of Bunshah on the wrapper of the biscuit packet instead of its identified Parle Girl.

In the caption of the photo, the company wrote, ‘When you are thinking of what to say to the owner of Parle-G, you can call us your favorite biscuit to enjoy with a cup of tea. What do you say @Bunshah ji? Let us tell you here that the company has not replaced Parle-Girl with the packets of Parle-G biscuits, but has given a humorous reply in response to the video of social media influencer Bunshah.

Who is the Parle-Girl printed on the biscuit packet?

It is noteworthy that there has been a lot of controversy regarding the girl seen on the cover of Parle-G biscuits. The names of three women have been claimed for this Parle-Girl. Among these, the names of Neeru Deshpande, Sudha Murthy and Gunjan Gandania were mentioned. However, it was made clear by Parle that this is not anyone’s real picture, but this picture was made in the 60s by a painter named Maganlal Dahiya. This girl’s face is considered to have a big role in giving recognition to Parle-G.


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