Pan Card Misuse: How to know if your Pan Card is misused, what to do

Pan Card Misuse
Pan Card Misuse How to know if your Pan Card is misused, what to do

Pan Card Misuse: Pan Card is the most important document required for financial transactions in the country. Whether you know it or not, many places give a xerox copy of the PAN card or the number. There is no risk of it being misused. That’s why you should be very careful about PAN card.

Pan Card Misuse: Cyber crimes are increasing in recent times. Your PAN card is used in various financial transactions without your knowledge. It is very dangerous. Due to this, there is a risk of financial loss and if it is used for unethical matters, it will face legal difficulties. That’s why you should be very careful about PAN card.

PAN card is essential for various types of financial transactions. That’s why many places give PAN card xerox or number. Especially online, we provide PAN card details as soon as asked to many companies. But by doing this there is a situation of misuse of PAN card. This is a 10 digit alpha numerical card issued by Incontacts department. Apart from financial transactions, it is also used as an identity card. You should always check whether your PAN card has been misused knowingly or not.

Bank statements and credit card bills should be checked regularly. While checking like this one should ensure that there are no unauthorized transactions. From the credit report issued by the credit bureaus, you can also find out whether the PAN card has been used anywhere without your knowledge. If unauthorized credit accounts are found, a complaint should be made to the credit bureau immediately. Apart from this one can also know from the official website of Incontacts department. Login to your account with PAN card and check tax filing. Any difference will be known. It can be known through Form 26AS.

If transactions or loan accounts appear through your PAN card without your knowledge, you should immediately contact the concerned bank or financial institution and file a complaint. Based on your complaint, the bank officials will check the details and block unauthorized access. At the same time a complaint should also be made to the police. On the other hand a complaint should be made by contacting the customer service helpline of the Incontacts department.

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