New changes in WhatsApp: New update in WhatsApp that users don’t like; Direct attack..

New changes in WhatsApp
New changes in WhatsApp: New update in WhatsApp that users don't like; Direct attack..

New changes in WhatsApp: WhatsApp brings new features and latest updates from time to time according to the needs and conveniences of users. Some of them are useful, while others are not very useful. Users are making negative comments on such a new update.

New changes in WhatsApp: WhatsApp is once again in the news. One reason for that is the case of privacy issues going on in the courts of various countries including India, and the other is the frequent changes in WhatsApp. Generally WhatsApp updates are useful for users. But, a recent update brought by WhatsApp is not liked by the users. That’s the new WhatsApp color.

I don’t like the new WhatsApp color.

WhatsApp logo color has changed. Now it will appear in green color. Earlier it was in blue color. This change will be visible to users in stages. So if now your WhatsApp logo is not visible in green color, soon it will change to green color. However, users are reacting negatively to this update. They are commenting on social media platforms that they are not benefiting from the change. They are questioning why WhatsApp is doing such things. Some users are commenting harshly that the previous blue color was very good and it is disgusting to see this app in the new green color. While some are reacting strongly to the green color of WhatsApp, others are being a bit more gentle. For example, a user asked in X, “Why did WhatsApp turn green?” while others like Ben White bluntly commented that ‘I don’t like this change’.

Change in dark mode.. Change in tabs place

There is another change in WhatsApp. WhatsApp Dark Mode has become darker on Android devices. Reading comfort is further improved in Lite mode. Also, some buttons and some icons in iOS have been given a makeover. More space is provided between them to provide better access. WhatsApp has also made another change that is very useful for users. It has changed the tabs that were previously seen at the top of the app to the bottom of the screen. This allows you to access them in moments without having to change the way you hold the phone. Also, the WhatsApp logo is now also visible in the chats tab of WhatsApp.

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