Iran missile attack on Israel: Iran launched a missile and drone attack on Israel this morning (April 14)

Iran missile attack on Israel
Iran missile attack on Israel: Iran launched a missile and drone attack on Israel this morning (April 14)

Tehran: Iran launched a missile and drone attack on Israel this morning (April 14) while warning that Iran may launch a war against Israel at any time.

The war between Israel and Hamas, the current war between Israel and Iran, could explode at any minute, the US warned. The U.S. is preparing to send additional troops to help ally Israel and protect U.S. forces in the region.

The war between the West Asian nation of Israel and Hamas terrorists, which controls Palestine, began in October last year.

There has been heavy damage and loss of life in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip.

Air attack

In this war, some West Asian countries also jumped into the fray in support of Palestine and Hamas terrorists.

These countries did not go directly to the field but also put terrorist organizations like Houthi and Hospella in the field. At one point it turned into a war between Israel, considered the Jewish state, and Muslim countries.

The Iranian-backed Hospella organization, operating from Lebanon, has carried out attacks on Israel in support of the Hamas terrorist organization; Israel also responded to this.

In that vein, Israel recently launched missile and airstrikes targeting Hospella terrorists in the Syrian capital, Damascus.


During these attacks, some missiles also fell on the Iranian embassy in Damascus. In this, seven people including senior officers of the Iranian army were killed.

Following this, Iran issued a warning to Israel; It said that there would be dire consequences. Consequently, tension arose in the West Asian region.

In this situation, based on his intelligence information, “Iran can attack Israel at any minute,” US President Joe Biden warned yesterday.

The US has sent two additional warships to help its ally Israel and protect its forces in the region.

Cargo ship capture

In the situation of war tension between Israel and Iran, the cargo ship ‘MCS Aris’ belonging to Israel, which went to the Gulf region, has been captured by the Iranian forces. Of those on board, 17 are said to be Indians. “Iran is creating unnecessary tension in the region. If the situation worsens, Iran will have to face severe consequences’, Israel has warned.

Flights Avoiding Iran

With the tense situation in West Asia, the central government has already warned Indians to be careful when traveling to countries including Iran. In this situation, Indian airlines including ‘Air India’ have avoided Iran air routes. Flights to European countries are being diverted. Due to this, the travel time is said to increase by at least 45 minutes. Countries including France and Russia have issued warnings regarding travel to West Asian countries.

However, today (April 14) the Iranian army launched a missile and drone attack on Israel, causing damage to the Israeli army, according to reports. Israel’s military has been intercepting and attacking Iranian drones.

Iraq, Jordan and Lebanon have said that their airspace has been closed due to the ongoing missile attack between the two countries.


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