Instagram Earning: How people earn thousands and lakhs from Instagram, a small trick makes them rich

Instagram Earning
Instagram Earning: How people earn thousands and lakhs from Instagram, a small trick makes them rich

Instagram Earning: Learn ways to earn from Instagram here. Nowadays everyone likes to watch videos and reels from Instagram. But you can also earn money from this. Let us know its method.

Nowadays everyone likes to see reels on Instagram. If you find a person sitting alone smiling looking at the phone, then it is quite possible that he is watching reels only. But, reels are no longer just a medium of entertainment. Now they are also earning money. The earning may not be just a little but can be in lakhs. Let us know how you can earn from Instagram as an influencer.

To know ways to earn from Instagram, we talked to Lucknow based influencer Vivek Gupta. Vivek runs a page on Instagram named UP Tadka. There are 163K followers on his page. They post Lucknow and UP based content on their pages. On their page, users will get to see content like food, culture, events and travel.

Quality content is important:

In terms of earning from Instagram, Vivek says that first you have to create an audience base. For this, quality will have to be brought in the content and content will have to be created continuously. You also have to decide on which topic or subject you can post content continuously. What are you interested in? Because, according to a target audience, your identity is created among them and your page also becomes more famous among those people.

What gears are needed?

Vivek tells about himself that he shoots his content with iPhone and also uses some mics. That means you can start your journey as an influencer only with a good phone and budget mics. Later, you can also shift to a better camera and studio.

How is earning?

Vivek says that once the reach of the page increases, brands themselves start approaching them. In these, reels have to be made to promote the brand’s product or company. You can get up to Rs 5,000 for one reel. This earning increases according to the reach of big brands and pages. Many times, instead of money, promotion work is also done on barter. Apart from local shoppers, Vivek himself also works with UP Police and many government institutions.

Money comes from Affiliate Marketing:

As an Instagram influencer, you can also earn through affiliate marketing. In this, creators recommend buying the product or service of a company or organization on their page.

How much does one earn?

Vivek says that once the reach of the page increases well, after a period of time around 50 to 70 thousand rupees are earned per month. This earning keeps increasing according to popularity.


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