Google Pixel 9: Google Pixel 9’s amazing ‘AI’ features..

Google Pixel 9
Google Pixel 9: Google Pixel 9's amazing 'AI' features..

Google Pixel 9 features: There is currently an artificial intelligence war going on between smartphone manufacturers. There is talk that Google Pixel 9, which will be launched in a few months, will have amazing AI features.

Google Pixel 9 release date: Google Pixel 9 has been leaking a lot lately. There is talk that there will be four models in this series which will be launched in October this year. As a result, the hype among smartphone lovers has increased. And now.. a news has come out about this Google Pixel 9. A new leak is doing the rounds that hints at the gadget’s on-device artificial intelligence AI features. Galaxy AI is one of the biggest hits of this year. Companies like Apple and Google are also working hard to introduce advanced AI features. In this background, there are rumors that this year Google will bring advanced artificial intelligence features to the Pixel 9 series. Here’s what on-device AI features we can expect in the upcoming Google Pixel 9.

Google Pixel 9 On-Device AI Features

A tipster named AssembleDebug shared an X (Twitter) post revealing the speculated AI features on the Pixel 9 device. The Pixel 9 series is expected to come with improved on-device AI capabilities. These features have been revealed from the latest version of Google AI core app, Google Messages beta. Pixel 9 Series AI features include text-to-image conversions, Magic Composer, Autofill Smart Reply, Summarization, Proofreading, Text Categorization. Additionally, it seems that these on-device AI features don’t rely on a cloud connection.

Google Pixel 9 pro price in India: These are currently in the rumor stage. As many changes are likely to happen till the launch.. Will the device support this feature? Or? It is not known. The company has not yet made any official announcement about the AI features of the Google Pixel 9. But there are expectations in the market that most of these will come into force.

There are speculations that the Pixel 9 series will support some of the Galaxy AI features currently available in the Galaxy S24 series. Therefore, in September or October, we can get a clarity on the advanced AI capabilities of flagship smartphones from leading brands Apple and Google.

Google Pixel 9 latest leaks: Apple is likely to announce its AI features at the WWDC event in June. However, the official launch of the iPhone 16 series will take place in September. On the other hand, the Google Pixel 9 series is likely to be launched in October with four models.

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