Devil Review: Review: Devil.. How is the Kalyan Ram starrer spy thriller..?

Devil Review
Devil Review: Review: Devil.. How is the Kalyan Ram starrer spy thriller..?

Devil movie review Movie : Devil ; Actors: Kalyan Ram, Samyukta, Malvika Nair, Sita, Satya, Srikanth Iyengar, Esther Noronha, Ajay, Shafi and others; Cinematography: Soundar Rajan, Editing: Tammiraju; Music: Harshavardhan Rameshwar; Production Company: Abhishek Pictures; Story, Screenplay, Lyrics: Srikanth Vissa; Producer, Director: Abhishek Nama; Release: 29-12-2023.

‘Devil’ (devil movie review) is one of the films that came before the audience on the last Friday of this year. Being a spy thriller with Kalyan Ram in the lead role.. Vijayala playing the lead actress named Samyukta.. ‘Devil’ attracted the audience as the promotional images were interesting. And before knowing how this movie is, let’s see what the story is (devil movie review).

Story: This is a fictional story that takes place in the 1940s. The then British government was trying to capture freedom fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. They get information about Bose’s arrival. At that time, Devil (Kalyan Ram) is working as a secret agent in the British government. The government sends him to solve a murder case in a zamindar’s house in Raspuram. Devil identifies INA (Indian National Army) agents led by Subhash Chandra Bose in the investigation of the murder case. On the other hand, Bose.. the devil feels the thing that is in touch with his right shoulder, the tricolor (devil movie review). Trivarna and some other INA agents try to convey information in the form of code to Subhash Chandra Bose. And what does that code have to do with the murder in the Zamindar’s house? How did the devil solve this complicated case? Who is Trivarna in this story? What is her relationship with Naishadha (Samyukta) and Manimekala (Malavika Nair)? Was Bose arrested by the British Government? Other things have to be seen on the screen (devil movie review).

How it is: The film is a combination of patriotic.. thrilling elements. Compared to other spy thriller movies, the specialty of ‘Devil’ is that it is set in a period setting. Unexpected twists and suspense that increase the thrill are the strength of such films. But, there is a deficit in these matters. Although the background is impressive, the director’s failure in making the original story interesting is seen. The film starts as an investigative story surrounding a murder. The police are basically investigating the case in one sense.. When the devil enters the field, the film progresses with new clues, suspicions and angles. It feels like watching an average crime thriller. The first half almost ends with the songs and love aspect in between. The real story starts from the pre-intermission scenes. As the devil confronts the British army, what will happen next will arouse interest. However, some of the scenes in the second half are messy and dramatic but the patriotic aspect is somewhat lost. Scenes like coming to light about the identity of Trivarna and detecting a covert working for the British Army in INA make the film interesting. Flagship scenes are okay. Based on the story of a spy thriller, this movie offers a bit of thrill. The aspect of patriotism and the emotions that are ripe here and there are the elements that come together in the movie. It is good that this movie is made with less standards than a periodical story (devil movie review).

Who did it: Kalyan Ram impressed with his acting and looks. He impressed in his own style during the fighting moments. But the flaws are seen in the matter of making the character of ‘Devil’ stronger. Samyukta and Malavika Nair played the lead roles. Their characters were associated with the patriotic aspect and influenced the film. Even if there is a love angle between the Kalyan Ram-Sanyuktah characters, the director could not reveal it strongly. Satya as Shastri, Vashishta Simha as the pivotal role, Shafi, Rangasthalam Mahesh and others impressed with the range of roles. In the technical sections, the camera section gets the highest marks. The way Soundararajan explores the period setting with his camera is good. Harsh Vardhan Rameshwar’s music sounds like nothing. The performance of the art department is impressive. Srikanth Vissa’s story and words are pleasing. The exercise in terms of narrative was not enough. The director’s grip is visible only on some scenes. The structure is superior.


  • Patriotic aspect in the story
  • Second half
  • Actors
  • Simple first half
  • Unexpected turns
    Finally: the devil… pleases here and there
    Note: This review is from the perspective of the reviewer. This is reviewer’s personal opinion only!


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