Cylinder Price: Good News, Cylinder prices are reduced, know the new price!

Cylinder Price
Cylinder Price: Good News, Cylinder prices are reduced, know the new price!

Cylinder Price: On the first day of every month and on critical occasions, cylinder price for commercial and domestic use fluctuates.

The general public and traders are a bit happy as the cylinder price for commercial use has come down by Rs.30.

Every month the oil companies fix the domestic cylinder price and commercial cylinder price according to the market price. Accordingly, the price of a 19 kg commercial cylinder in Chennai was increased by Rs.23.50 to Rs.1,960.50 on March 1. Following this, the Lok Sabha election date was announced two weeks ago across the country and the preparations for voting are in full swing.

A few days before the announcement of the election date, Prime Minister Modi issued an announcement on Women’s Day on March 8. He informed that the domestic cylinder price will be reduced by Rs.100. Petrol and diesel prices have been reduced by Rs.2 per litre. Although the opposition parties alleged that this was a measure taken keeping the elections in mind, the public heaved a sigh of relief as the price was reduced slightly.

In this case, April 1, the commercial cylinder price in Chennai has been reduced by Rs.30. Accordingly, a 19 kg commercial cylinder is sold at Rs.1,930 in Chennai.

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