5G Network Issue With these simple tips.. Solve the 5G network issue on your smartphone..

5G Network Issue
5G Network Issue With these simple tips.. Solve the 5G network issue on your smartphone..

5G Network Issue Currently many people are buying 5G smartphones.. Internet problem is bothering everyone. Most of the phones have 4G network. But some things need to be done for 5G speed, update internet high speed. Check it out now…

5G Network Issue So far most of us have seen 2G, 3G, 4G internet speed. Recently we have entered 5G. It works much faster than 4G. Due to the high speed of the 5G network, any kind of video, no matter how high quality photos, no matter how slow and quality videos are being downloaded in seconds. Similarly uploading does not take much time. Moreover, all kinds of sites and apps are opening immediately. 5G network is very useful for gaming. But not everyone who buys a 5G smartphone can use it. Because many people stopped near 4G network. Now let’s know the full details of what to do to get 5G network high speed on this occasion…

Types of 5G

If you think that everyone who buys a 5G smartphone will get high speed, then you are wrong. Because there are many areas where 5G services are not available yet. Also Airtel 5G is using NSA (Non Stand) network. Jio 5G SA (proprietary) is using its technology. NSA technology is widely used in 5G smartphones currently available. That’s why you may face many problems while using Jio SA technology.

Does your SIM support it?

Most of the smartphones you use are older devices that have 5G support. In most cases 5G smartphones have 5G support only in the primary SIM card or the first slot. So if you are facing internet issue check if your sim card is in the first slot.

Is the phone number 5G active?

As of now there is no special recharge plan for 5G. Jio and Airtel companies have started providing free unlimited 5G services to users. But for this you need to recharge in specific plans. Go to the app of both these companies and activate the 5G service. So you can get complete details by going to Airtel Thanks or MyJio app.

Upgrade SIM?

Those who are currently using 4G SIM.. want 5G high speed. But if your sim card is 3G it cannot be changed to 5G. But you can change from 3G SIM to 4G. But cannot switch to 5G. That’s why you need to get a new 4G SIM card.

Make these changes in settings

Confirm that 4G/5G type is selected in the smartphones you are using. Based on this your smartphone network will automatically run on 4G or 5G. If you live in an area where the 5G network signal is weak, 4G will automatically turn on. If you want to get 5G only, select only 5G network in your phone settings.


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