You will get Rs 4 lakh immediately on leaving the job, this big company’s ‘Pay To Quit’ program is amazing

Amzon Pay To Quit
You will get Rs 4 lakh immediately on leaving the job, this big company's 'Pay To Quit' program is amazing

Amazon is offering $2000 to the employee for leaving the job and if the employee extends his plan for one year, then this amount will become $3000. Every year the amount of this offer will increase by 1000 dollars. Its maximum limit has been fixed at $5,000.

Amzon Pay To Quit: The giant e-commerce company Amazon, led by Jeff Bezos, the world’s third richest person, is offering up to Rs 4 lakh to its employees to leave their jobs. You are shocked, but this is absolutely true. Actually, this offer is being given under a special program in the company of a billionaire businessman, whose name is Pay To Quit, however, there is also a tagline associated with it. Let us know in detail about this offer and tagline of Bezos…

The offer amount will increase every year

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is recognized worldwide for his unconventional leadership strategies. One of these is to help the employees working in their company to progress in their career even after separation from the company and to empower them financially. For this purpose, the company has started the Pay to Quit program, in which an offer of 2000 dollars (Rs 1,66,548) is being given to those who leave the company’s job. The special thing is that if the employee extends his plan to leave the job for one year, then this offer will become $3000 instead of $2000. That means every year the amount of this offer will increase by $1000. The maximum limit under this offer has been fixed at $5,000 or Rs 4,16,373.

Started inspired by this company

In a 2014 letter to shareholders, Jeff Bezos wrote that at Amazon, nothing brings us greater joy than innovating, especially while ensuring that the company maintains a dedicated and enthusiastic workforce and achieving their career goals. Be helpful in achieving this. This Pay To Quit program of Bezos is related to this idea. This type of initiative has also been taken in Zappos company before Amazon, which got tremendous response. Inspired by this, Amazon has also taken this step.

Program for the benefit of both company and staff

Amazon has decided to offer salary to employees at its fulfillment centers under the Pay to Quit program. Through this, they are trying to do good to not only the staff but also the company. There is a big reason behind this also. In fact, an employee who is preparing or planning to leave the job will get financial help in getting a new job and in his free time after quitting the job, while the increase in the amount received under this offer every year will help the employee in preparing for his/her job quit. One can also remain connected with the company by pursuing the plan. This can be inferred from the tagline given by Amazon with this offer. Actually, the company has written Please Don’t Take This Offer, which shows Amazon’s priority for employees to remain with the company.

Helpful in assessing the thinking of employees

According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the reason behind starting this special program was that through this offer the company can easily find out about the thinking of its employees. This gives information about whether the employee wants to take the money and leave the company or not, or how long the employee will stay with the company. Pay To Quit is supposed to be a program to encourage employees to carefully consider their career path.


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