Virat Kohli Century: Was Virat’s century scored because of the umpire? Understand the whole story in detail

Virat Kohli Century
Virat Kohli Century: Was Virat's century scored because of the umpire? Understand the whole story in detail

IND vs BAN: In the last moments of the India-Bangladesh match, a decision of umpire Richard Kettleborough is making a lot of headlines. On social media, users are calling this the real reason for Virat Kohli Century.

Wide Ball Controversy: Virat Kohli’s century is being discussed more than Team India’s victory in the World Cup match played against Bangladesh on Friday. Actually, Virat Kohli’s century in this match came in such a way that there is a lot of debate going on about it. Not only is KL Rahul’s contribution being discussed in this century of Virat, umpire Richard Kettleborough is also being said to have played the biggest role in this.

In fact, when Team India needed just two runs to win, Virat Kohli was three runs away from his century. Here Nasum Ahmed threw the ball on the leg side. However, the umpire did not declare this ball wide. Since then, questions have been raised on social media over the decision of the umpire that he did not give wide to Nasun for Virat’s century. However, if we look at the situation and also look at ICC rules, Virat’s century has nothing to do with this decision of the umpire.

What are the rules of wide ball?

According to the new ICC rules issued last year, if the ball passes from the place where the batsman is standing during the bowler’s run-up and the batsman leaves that place, then it is up to the umpire to call that ball. Call it wide or not. In the match against Bangladesh, when the bowler took the run-up for the ball, Virat Kohli was standing outside the leg stump. But while coming closer to the ball, he moved towards the off stump, due to which the ball went from the leg side into the hands of the keeper. If Virat had not left his place, the ball would have hit his pad. In such a situation, it was not wrong in any way for the umpire not to give this ball wide.

Even if it had been wide, Virat would have completed his century.

If the umpire wanted, he could have given this ball wide. Even if he had done this, Virat would have completed his century. This is because even after getting a wide, India still needed one run to win and Virat had hit a six in the last match anyway. That means, in this century of Virat, the role of umpire proves to be absolutely zero.


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