Urfi Javed Earning: Urfi Javed earns more than Google CEO Sundar Pichai, this is one month’s income

Uorfi Javed Total Wealth

Uorfi Javed Total Wealth: Uorfi Javed is again in controversy over alleged indecency during a flight. Often surrounded by controversies, Urfi Javed beats the good in earning…

Uorfi Javed Networth: Uorfi Javed is once again in the headlines. He alleges that some people misbehaved with him during a recent flight. Urfi has also uploaded a video related to the incident on his social media.

Actually Urfi is not in the limelight for the first time. He has a close relationship with controversies, but he is also far ahead in earning. His earnings are more than many big faces.

Take for example the CEO of Google, Sundar Pichai. Urfi Javed’s earnings figure is more than the earnings of Google CEO Sundar Pichai

Social media is the biggest source of Urfi’s earning. Millions of followers make Urfi a big influencer and that’s why many big brands collab with him.

Apart from this, Urfi also earns from TV shows and reality shows etc. It is estimated that in these ways she earns around Rs 2 crore every month.

In this way, his daily income is more than Rs 6.50 lakh and his annual earning is around Rs 24 crore.

It is said that the current net worth of Urfi Javed is around Rs 172 crore. She charges 40 thousand rupees per episode for various shows.

On the other hand, if we look at Sundar Pichai’s earnings, in 2022 he got a salary of about Rs 16 crore from Google. In this way, Urfi Javed is earning about one and a half times more than him.


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