iPhone 16 Overheating: This special system will be installed in iPhone 16! Will get relief from overheating of the phone

iPhone 16 Overheating
iPhone 16 Overheating: This special system will be installed in iPhone 16! Will get relief from overheating of the phone

iPhone 16 Overheating: The company will take special care to ensure that the heating issue that users faced in Apple iPhone 15 does not happen in the iPhone 16 coming next year. There are indications that a special system will be installed in iPhone 16 to deal with the heating issue, know the details.

Customers are very worried about the iPhone 15 model coming in Apple’s latest iPhone 15 Series. Many users reported about the heating issue in iPhone 15, after which it is now being indicated that Apple will bring a new cooling system in the iPhone 16 to be launched next year. After receiving complaints from users regarding heating issue, Apple has also released an iOS update to fix this problem.

According to the information received from the leak of Kosutami in HD Tech report, it has been informed that customers will get to see thermal design in iPhone 16. This is an indication that the company is working on developing a graphene thermal system for its upcoming iPhone 16 Series.

Apart from this, it has also been mentioned in the report that metal battery case will be used to avoid the problem of overheating in the Pro models launched in the iPhone 16 series.

Let us remind you that earlier Ian Zelbo of 9to5Mac had also told about the problem related to high temperature. It is mentioned in the report that Ian Zelbo had said that it was difficult to hold the phone without a case, but on the other hand, Apple had refuted all this and said that there is no problem in the hardware of the phone. Is.

On the other hand, the company had blamed bugs in iOS 17 and some third party apps for the stress on the processor and problems related to heating. After this, to reduce the heating issue, Apple released a fresh software update iOS 17.0.3.

If reports are to be believed, Apple may soon announce RCS (Rich Communication Service Message) for iPhone. It is being said that Google has asked Apple to support Rich Communication Service Message.

If you do not know about RCS, then let us tell you that RCS Chat is the upgraded version of SMS. According to a report by 9to5 Mac, Apple has said that the company will start adding support for RCS Universal Profile next year.


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