Seema Haider News : What is written on Sachin’s hand is that Seema Haider stopped him from coming to Pakistan, there was a fear of accident!

Seema Haider News

Seema Haider said that she loves Sachin by heart and that is her first and last love. Seema said that she is now a Hindu and will soon become an Indian.

Every day there are new revelations about Seema Haider who came from Pakistan with four children for an Indian lover with PUBG. Seema claimed that earlier Sachin used to go to Pakistan, but he stopped Sachin from coming to Pakistan because of his anus on his hand. Seema says that if Sachin had been caught there, it would have been very bad for him and today he might not even be seen. Sachin also confirmed this and said that he was also ready to go to Pakistan and had also applied for a passport. Its papers are kept at home.

Seema Haider said that she loves Sachin by heart and that is her first and last love. Sachin’s love will remain in Hindustan till death. She claimed that because of her love for Sachin, she has observed Karva Chauth and Navratri twice while living in Pakistan and celebrated the festival of Holi in Pakistan after falling in love with Sachin.

I have become a Hindu, soon I will also become an Indian: Seema said that her only crime was that she came to India without a visa. He doesn’t want to be in any lime light. She just wants to live happily with the family. Seema said that she has already become a Hindu, will soon become an Indian.

The first ID was created in the name of Maryam Khan: The Pakistani woman said that she comes from the Baloch tribe, where women are not allowed to cover up. Can’t even create an account on social media there, so she created her first account in the name of Mariam Khan. Whatever video she put on social media, she used to keep it private. Feels good to be back in India. Women are respected here, whereas in Pakistan there is no respect.

ATS taken from the back way of the house

The UP ATS team took Seema Haider and Sachin through the back passage of the Rabupura house. On Monday afternoon at 1.30 pm, two policemen engaged in the security of the border, while saving both of them from the media, took them to a car parked in the back street through the terrace and through the neighbor’s stairs. From there, he was taken to Kotwali by making him sit in the vehicle. During this, Sachin’s father Netrapal Meena was not at home. Netrapal was called there after calling from Kotwali. After questioning, leaving Netrapal there, he took Seema and Sachin in the car and left for Noida.

Many questions arising in the case

  1. Doubt on the age of the limit. According to the Pakistani identity card, the age is only 21 years, but she tells 27 years.
  2. Why did he keep four mobile phones? Why did you break the sim of Pakistan?
  3. Why did you call from other’s phone even after having mobile and sim?
  4. How did a single woman come to India via Pakistan, Sharjah, Nepal with four small children, who helped her in this.
  5. The way Seema and Sachin are talking to the media is not normal. How is it so easy to cross the border?
  6. 5th pass woman speaks pure Hindi. Also uses English words.
  7. She created an ID on social media in the name of Mariam Khan. Why did he change his name?

Demand to take Pakistani woman out of the country: Ved Nagar, national president of Go Raksha Hindu Dal, has issued a video demanding the central and state government to take this woman out of the country immediately. He said that Pakistani women can prove to be a big threat to the country. If he is not thrown out within 72 hours, then the movement will be done by the organization. Apart from this, former district president of Hindu Yuva Vahini, Chainpal Pradhan demanded the Chief Minister and the district administration not to give Indian citizenship to Seema.


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