Rs. 2000 Note Holder Alert: If you want to deposit Rs 2000 notes, no need to visit RBI office, can send it through post, know the process

Rs. 2000 Note Holder Alert
Rs. 2000 Note Holder Alert: If you want to deposit Rs 2000 notes, no need to visit RBI office, can send it through post, know the process

2000 Rupees Notes: RBI has informed through a press note that people can still deposit 2000 rupee notes by visiting its 19 regional offices in person or through post.

2000 Rupees notes Deposit: If you are one of those who have deposited Rs 2000 notes and have not returned it to the bank or the Reserve Bank of India, then this news is for you. People can now send their Rs 2,000 notes to the regional office of the Reserve Bank through registered post post to deposit them in their bank accounts. This is an easy option for those who live far away from the regional offices of the Reserve Bank.

Rohit P, Regional Director, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) said, “We encourage customers to send Rs 2000 notes to RBI through insured post for direct deposit in their account in the most convenient and secure manner. This will save them the hassles of travelling to the designated branches and standing in line.”

He said that both TLR and Insured Post options are highly secure and there should be no fear in the minds of the public about these options. The Delhi office has received around 700 TLR forms so far. He said the RBI is again including these two options in its communication in addition to the exchange facility in its office.

On May 19, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) had announced the withdrawal of Rs 2,000 notes. People were given the facility to deposit these notes in banks as well as exchange them with notes of other denominations. According to the RBI, more than 97 per cent of the total Rs 2,000 denomination notes in circulation as on May 19, 2023, have now been returned.

The deadline was extended to October 7.

The deadline for exchanging these notes or depositing them in bank accounts was earlier September 30. The deadline was later extended to October 7. After this, both the deposit and exchange facilities of Rs 2,000 notes in bank branches were closed on October 7.

RBI said

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has said that people can still deposit Rs 2000 notes at its 19 regional offices either in person or by post. RBI has also issued guidelines in this regard.


Here’s how you can deposit Rs 2000 notes at RBI branch: You can send this note from any post office of India Post by filling all the details asked in the application form mentioned here (see picture 1 and 2) correctly.

What are the rules given in the form

  • In the form, you have to tell whether the account in which you are sending Rs 2000 notes is equipped with KYC or not.
  • If the notes are found to be fake, the RBI has every right to inform the police.
  • If the account in which the notes are being sent is found to be incorrect, then the RBI will not be responsible for it.
  • If the notes are found to be mutilated, burnt or damaged, the RBI has the authority to take all decisions as per rules.


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