Rapid Rail: Now Rapid Rail from Sahibabad to Duhai Depot for just Rs 50, know how it is better than Metro?

Rapid Rail Features
Rapid Rail: Now Rapid Rail from Sahibabad to Duhai Depot for just Rs 50, know how it is better than Metro?

Rapid Rail Features: If you go from Sahibabad to Meerut or from Meerut to Sahibabad by passenger train, it takes about one hour and 45 minutes, whereas by Rapid Rail, this distance will be covered in just 30 to 35 minutes.

Rapid Rail Inauguration: The train whose speed is faster than Vande Bharat train is now going to run on the tracks of the country. The country’s first rapid rail is ready. Its first phase is going to start from October 20. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself will inaugurate it. Rapid Rail, which definitely looks like Metro but is two steps ahead of Metro in terms of facilities. Know that the Rapid Rail running at a speed of 180 kilometers per hour is a new boon for Delhi-NCR. Know that Sahibabad will be the first station of Rapid Rail from where the train will run first. Sahibabad station of Rapid Rail looks similar to Delhi Metro. Same entry point, same checking, same machine for taking tickets, same type of platform, then what is new? Let us tell you about it.

Now rapid rail will run between these 5 stations

Let us tell you that after boarding the rapid rail, you will see the biggest change, that is, the first thing that will be different from the metro is its beautiful seats. Know that the entire network of Rapid Rail is 82 kilometers long, in which there will be a total of 25 stations. This project costing Rs 30 thousand 274 crore will be completed in June 2025. But the work from Sahibabad to Duhai depot has been completed. Therefore, first of all, rapid rail is being run between a total of 5 stations from Sahibabad to Duhai.

What is the route of rapid rail?

Its first phase is just starting. Sahibabad-Ghaziabad-Guldhar-Duhai-Duhai Depot is a 17 kilometer route. This will take 13-14 minutes. There will be a total of 6 coaches in the Rapid Rail. One premium coach and five standard coaches. Premium coach will have more facilities than standard coach. On the left side of the screen you will have premium coach seats and on the right side there will be standard coach seats, which can seat 72 people. Now also understand what is the special facility in premium coach.

What is special in Rapid Rail?

The premium coach of Rapid Rail is special. In this premium coach, a separate stand has been provided to keep the feet. Its fare will also be different. If you don’t want much light, you can take the shield down. Can keep luggage. Food and drinks will be available here. That is, for the convenience of common passengers, reclining seats have been installed in the Rapid Rail like the economy class of Shatabdi train or airplane. If you compare it with Metro from speed to facilities, then Rapid Rail will appear much ahead.

Why is rapid rail better than metro?

Know that the maximum speed of metro is up to 100 kilometers per hour whereas the speed of rapid rail is 160 to 180 kilometers per hour. The normal speed i.e. the speed at which one has to travel daily is mostly around 35 kilometers per hour for the metro and will be more than 100 kilometers per hour for the rapid rail. Metro comes every 5 to 7 minutes and rapid rail will come every 15 minutes. At a stoppage, the metro stops for 20 seconds whereas the stopping time for the rapid rail is 30 seconds. The metro will run from 5 am to 11:30 pm and the rapid rail will run from 6 am to 11 pm.

How much will be the fare for rapid rail?

In the metro too, one coach is reserved for women and in the rapid rail too, there will be a standard coach for women. There will also be security personnel to protect them. You can buy whatever ticket you want, premium or standard, for rapid rail travel. Standard fare from Sahibabad to Duhai will be Rs 50, minimum fare will be Rs 30. The premium will be Rs 90 from Sahibabad to Duhai and the minimum will be Rs 50.


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