Pakistani Fisherman becomes Millionaire: This Pakistani fisherman’s luck turned into a millionaire overnight with one fish

Pakistani Fisherman becomes Millionaire
Pakistani Fisherman becomes Millionaire: This Pakistani fisherman's luck turned into a millionaire overnight with one fish

Milionaire Fisherman of Pakistan: The story of this fisherman of Pakistan is amazing. Recently one day he caught such a fish, which made him a millionaire overnight…

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Pakistani Fisherman becomes Millionaire: It happens in dreams or in Bollywood movies that people become millionaires overnight. In reality this rarely happens, but for this fisherman from Pakistan it has probably proved to be true. What suddenly happened to the fisherman who had been fishing every day for years, even he himself would never have imagined in his dreams.

This fish changed fate (why sowa fish is expensive)

This cinematic looking story has happened with Haji Baluch, living in Karachi, Pakistan, who is a fisherman by profession. Haji Baloch is a resident of Ibrahim Hydari, a very modest village in Karachi. Recently, while fishing one day, he caught a fish named sowa, which completely changed his life. Haji Baluch, who was living in poverty, suddenly became a millionaire.

Sowa fish medicinal uses

According to the report of news agency PTI, what actually happened in this story was that Haji Baluch and his team got hold of a fish which is endangered and valuable. This fish is known as sowa and it is said that it is used in making many types of medicines. This fish proved to be a golden treasure for Haji Baloch and his team.

This much money was found in the auction

Quoting Mubarak Khan, representative of the Fishermen Folk Forum of Pakistan, PTI has said that the auction of dill fish found by Haji Baloch and his team took place at Karachi Harbor in the early hours of Friday. He got a huge amount of 70 million Pakistani rupees in the auction. In Indian currency this amount becomes equal to Rs 2.05 crore.

Dill fish is like this (sowa fish price in pakistan 1 kg)

Baloch says that he and his team together succeeded in catching 10 Sova fishes. They got a price of about 7 million Pakistani rupees for each fish. Let us tell you that dill fish is a large species. This fish grows up to one and a half meters in size and weighs between 20 to 40 kg. Due to its use in medicines and its rare occurrence, the price of this fish remains sky high.


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