Namo Bharat: Internet, reserved coach, two types of tickets, frequency… Know how different Rapid Rail is from Delhi Metro.

Rapid Rail Ticket Fare
Namo Bharat: Internet, reserved coach, two types of tickets, frequency... Know how different Rapid Rail is from Delhi Metro.

Rapid Rail Ticket Fare: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given the green signal to Rapid Rail. With this, common passengers will now be able to use Rapid Rail for travelling. People are also going to get many facilities from this. Let us know about it…

Rapid Rail: Now a new chapter has been added for the people of the country in public transport. The rapid rail, which has been named ‘Namo Bharat’, has now started running on the tracks. Now people doing intercity travel through Rapid Rail are going to get a lot of relief and people will be able to carry out intercity travel in a convenient manner in less time. With this, under the first section of the rapid rail, rapid rail has started running on the Delhi-Meerut corridor from today. In such a situation, people are still unaware of its important features like ticket price, speed etc. Also, it is quite different from Delhi Metro. In such a situation, let us know about it…

How much is the fare?

For Rapid Rail, the fare of Rs 20-50 has been kept for standard coach. Whereas the fare of Rs 40-100 has been kept for premium coach.

How is the payment facility?

People will also get the facility of UPI payment on ticket vending machines at Rapid Rail stations. Along with this, facilities of smart card, top-up wallet, QR based ticket and National Common Mobility Card will also be available.

How is the rapid rail designed?

There will be a total of 6 coaches in the Rapid Rail. It will have 4 standard coaches. Along with this, 1 coach has been reserved for women. There will be 1 premium coach. 1061 passengers can stand in each train. There will be 407 seats in each train. The premium coach of this train will also have the facility of reclining seat, extra foot space and special lounge.

What are the features of Rail?

People will also get some special features in this train. Wi-Fi will be available in the train and charging point will be available for every seat. Also, dynamic route map will be displayed. There will be public announcement and display system. There will be a separate space for people using wheelchairs. Emergency alarm system will also be present, through which the passenger will be able to talk to the driver directly through intercom.

What is the speed of the train?

The top speed of Namo Bharat is 160 kilometers per hour.

What will be the timing?

Trains have started running on the tracks from 21st October. Initially the train will be in service from 6 am to 11 pm at an interval of 15 minutes.


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