MGNREGS: Demand for MNREGA reached 23 months high in June, know the reason

MGNREGS demand

MGNREGS demand: There is big news regarding the long-running MNREGA scheme and the demand for work under it has increased to a 23-month high.

MGNREGS demand: The demand for work under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) has reached a 23-month high in June. Under this, about 33.72 million households applied to get work under this scheme. In this way, a good trend has been seen regarding the demand for work in rural areas.

3.37 crore people applied under MNREGA
According to a report by Business Standards, 3.37 crore people have applied to get work under MNREGA in June and this shows a 23-month high. According to this report, the reason behind the increase in demand was that the amount of rain was less in the beginning of this year, due to which rural recovery has pushed the demand forward.

Earlier, the demand had crossed 3 crores twice.
Apart from this, according to a report of Indian Express, earlier only 2 times the demand for work under MNREGA had crossed the number of 3 crores. In May 2020 this number stood at 3.3 crores and after that in June 2020 it stood at 3.89 crores.

What was the reason for the increased demand
On July 6, the Department of Economic Affairs, which comes under the Ministry of Finance, has released the report saying that the government’s increase in MSP of Rabi and Kharif crops, increase in FRP of sugarcane and increase in allowance under MNREGA will benefit the government, especially in rural areas. Citizens of Apart from this, there has been an improvement in the employment situation in rural families.

What is MNREGA?
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme is a flagship scheme under which at least 100 days of employment is ensured in a year to families living in rural areas. Under this, unskilled manual work is given to the beneficiary and it is ensured that they get 100 days wages.


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