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meesho app

Earn Money by Reselling Listed Products on Meshoo App. As a Dedicated Reseller, You can share products and catalogs listed on the Meesho app either with your contact list or on social media and earn a profit with every sale. Especially 1 Lakh+ products on the app through which you can browse. It should be noted that the products listed on the ecommerce are provided by seller of suppliers, who have a tie-up with Meesho.

Meesho App Earn Money –

 Meesho App officially available in Google Play Store. Besides You may download the app by following instructions.

  • Go to Google Play Store App
  • In search option type “Meesho”
  • Find logo of the app given below
  • Install Meesho App Successfully

How to earn money in Meesho app

It’s really easy to make money by selling things using the Meesho online shopping app; all you have to do is post the products on social media.

Launch Meesho App.

Use a mobile number to register

Choose the Meesho products you wish to resale from the list.

Share merchandise on social media

Obtain orders from clients

Make an order by adding the margin (meesho commission rate) to the merchandise.

Your margin will be credited to your balance dashboard after the order has been delivered to the client.

Payment from the meesho team can be made to your bank account automatically when the return period is finished.

meesho app

How to sell Meesho products on Facebook Marketplace

The most effective social media channel for reselling meesho items is Facebook.

  • Open the Facebook Market place
  • Decide where the Location you want to sell.
  • Distribute Meesho Products and Mention them
  • You may place additional orders by utilizing more than one location.

How to sell Meesho products on Instagram

Reselling Instagram meeshoo is an effective technique to get money.

  • Open Instagram and share your product catalogue and photographs.
  • Get orders from Instagram using the inbox of Messenger

How to sell Meesho products on Whatsapp Business

You may quickly get orders via Whatsapp Messenger thanks to its free business app, which has a large consumer base.

  • Make a WhatsApp group using the name of your resale business.
  • Users from online social networks are invited
  • Join groups on WhatsApp and save customer numbers.
  • Update the saved members’ status
  • Simply place orders using WhatsApp
  • Products list in your company Whatsapp
  • Earn money by placing meesho orders.

How is Meesho Payment carried out?

Meeshow completed direct bank account payment. Payment will be transferred to your bank account within a week after the return period has ended.

About Meesho App

App NameMeesho
Size11 MB
Meesho Customer Care Number080 6887 6401
Download MeeshowInstall

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