Mahadev App has been banned, when will the ‘Betting applications’ be stopped?

Mahadev Betting App
Mahadev App has been banned, when will the 'Betting applications' be stopped?

Mahadev Betting App: People are being harassed a lot through loan apps. Through this, people are also taking steps to commit suicide. In such a situation, people are demanding to ban these apps also.

Loan App: There is a lot of discussion these days about Mahadev App. Meanwhile, Mahadev app has been banned by the government. A scam worth crores of rupees has come to light through Mahadev App. Along with this, some other betting apps and websites have also been banned by the government. However, the question arises that if the government has banned these betting apps, what will happen to those loan giving applications, due to which people are forced to commit suicide and people have even committed suicide.

Loan app

Actually, these days many people are getting trapped in the issue of instant loan through loan app. Some people are even committing suicide. Let us tell you that through the loan app, promises are made to people that they will be offered loans at attractive interest rates and people are also told to repay the loan easily. Many people get trapped in its clutches. In this, many loan apps give loans and then exploit people, while some people are cheated through loan apps without even giving the loan.

Victim of Fraud

Through loan apps, fraudsters trap people in scams and also take their personal information. After this they demand processing fees. At the same time, when people pay the processing fee, the fraudsters disappear. People do not even get loans and their capital is also lost. Being troubled by these, people are even committing suicide.


Apart from this, there are some apps which offer instant loans to people. However, when people are unable to repay their loan, the agents associated with the loan app harass the borrower. After this, tactics of intimidation and intimidation are also adopted. Threatening phone calls are also made. Troubled by this, people finally take steps like suicide. In such a situation, people are also demanding from the government that action should be taken on these loan apps also.


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