Lawrence Bishnoi opens his hit list, Salman on top, know who is on target

Lawrence Bishnoi
Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has told the hit list of his enemies

NIA Questions Lawrence Bishnoi News: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has told the hit list of his enemies. The gangster has made many big revelations in the NIA interrogation. Bishnoi also told that he has close relations with gangster Goldie Brar living in Canada.

New Delhi: Gangster Lawrence Bishnoi has made several major revelations in interrogation with the Central Investigation Agency NIA. Bishnoi told that he had provided 2 Jigana pistols to the Gogi gang with the help of gangster Goldie Brar. Gangster Bishnoi also told the central agency who were included in his hitlist. A few days back, Bishnoi had made several big revelations in an interview. Bishnoi is currently lodged in a jail in Gujarat.

Bishnoi also revealed his top 10 hitlist names during the interrogation of the officials. Bollywood actor Salman Khan is on top of this list. Apart from this, the manager of Sidhu Musewala is on the second number.

Bishnoi’s hitlist, top 10 targets:
1-Salman Khan
Shagunpreet (Manager of Sidhu Musewala)
3- Mandeep Dhaliwal (Lucky Patial’s henchman)
Kaushal Chowdhary (Gangster)
5- Amit Dagar (Gangster)
6-Sukhpreet Singh Buddha (Bambiha gang leader)
7-Lucky Patial (Gangster)
8- Rummy Masana (Henchman of Gounder Gang)
9-Gurpreet Shekho (Gurga of gang gang)
10- Bholu Shooter, Sunny Lefty, Anil Lath (killers of Vicky Muddukheda)
Lawrence was livid with the murder of Vicky Maddukheda. He sent three shooters to the village of Musewala in October 2021 to avenge this murder. Meanwhile, Bishnoi was also in touch with gangster Goldie Brar. Bishnoi had given Rs 50 lakh to Brar for the murder of Musewala.

During interrogation by the central agency, Bishnoi also disclosed that he had extorted money from businessmen in Rajasthan, Chandigarh and Ambala during his stay in Bharatpur, Faridkot and other jails.

Significantly, Bishnoi had clearly said in an interview given to a private channel that he wanted to get Salman Khan killed. Bishnoi had said this while referring to the deer hunting case in Rajasthan. During this, Bishnoi repeatedly talked about killing Salman Khan. He said that he has not yet become a goon. When Salman will get Khan killed, then he will become a goon. He also said that if Salman Khan apologizes to Guru Jambheshwar Dham Muktidham, the religious place of Bishnoi Samaj, then he can be forgiven.


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