Jio launches new device, latest features will be available in old car, price is only this much rupees

Jio GPS Tracker for Cars
Jio launches new device, latest features will be available in old car, price is only this much rupees

Jio GPS Tracker for Cars: Jio has launched the latest car accessories, which will give new features to your old car also. With its help you can track your car. Apart from this, you will get high-tech features like geo fencing, car theft alert, accident detection. This product is also very easy to install. Let us know its details.

Jio has launched its new product Jio Motive. This is a new and affordable car accessories device of the company. The name of this product is JioMotive (2023) and you can connect it to your car. To connect it you will have to use the OBD port. This is a plug and play device.

It can be installed very easily. With the help of JioMotive, you get all the features in your old car including 4G GPS tracker, real time location tracking, geo and time fencing. Let us know its details.

JioMotive 2023 price and availability

Jio has launched this device at a price of less than Rs 5000. Its price is Rs 4,999. You can buy it from Amazon and Reliance Digital. This device is also available on Jio is giving free subscription to this device for the first year.

After this the users will have to buy its subscription. One year subscription of JioMotive is Rs 599. This device comes with 4G connectivity. Therefore you will have to buy its subscription every year.

What are the specifications?

In simple language, this is a GPS tracker, which you can use in your car. Although these features are already present in new age vehicles, but you do not get these options in many old cars. This is a Plug-n-Play device. That means you just have to connect it to the OBD port of the car and the work will be done.

On this you get the feature of real time vehicle tracking. For this you will have to use Jio Things App. Geo Fencing and Time Fencing facility is available in this device. Users can create fencing of any size and shape as per their wish.

Keep in mind that this device works only with Jio SIM. You do not need to buy an additional SIM for this. Your primary Jio plan will be extended to JioMotive plan. After installing this device, you can also monitor the way the driver drives the car.


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