IRCTC Fraud Alert: IRCTC’s fake app came to cheat common people, be alert… otherwise there will be loss!

IRCTC Fraud Alert
IRCTC's fake app came to cheat common people, be alert... otherwise there will be loss!

IRCTC Rail Connect Scam: If you also travel by railways and use IRCTC app to book tickets, then you need to be alert…

Crores of people travel by Indian Railways every day and they use IRCTC to book tickets. A gang of fraudsters has started taking advantage of this. Vicious criminals have created a fake app using the name of IRCTC to cheat crores of people who travel by railways.

Phishing Link

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has alerted people about this fake app. In a tweet, IRCTC alerted people and said that gangs of fraudsters are sending phishing links to people on a large scale and asking them to download fake apps.

IRCTC alerted

By downloading a fake IRCTC Rail Connect app through a phishing link, people can be cheated. IRCTC says that scammers are using the fake app trick to dupe common people. IRCTC, the company that provides online booking of railway tickets and many other services, has appealed to people to be alert and cautious to avoid fraud.

Download the right app like this

IRCTC has asked users to download its original Rail Connect app, which is available on the Google Play Store for Android users and on the iOS App Store for Apple users. IRCTC’s website also has a link to download the original Rail Connect app.

Please take these precautions

With increasing access to smartphones and internet, cases of digital fraud have increased. Online fraud gangs are active all over the country and they target people in different ways. So be careful while downloading any app related to IRCTC or Railways. Keep in mind that you download any app only from official sources. Downloading any app outside the official app store can prove to be extremely dangerous. With the help of such apps, criminals can steal your personal information and can also empty your bank account.


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