Indian Railways: 8 thousand new coaches will be replaced by old coaches of Vande Bharat Express train, will cost crores of rupees

Vande Bharat Express train
8 thousand new coaches will be replaced by old coaches of Vande Bharat Express train, will cost crores of rupees

Vande Bharat Express train: Indian Railways has planned to prepare new coaches of Vande Bharat Express train, under which 8 thousand new coaches will be prepared.

Indian Railways has made a new announcement regarding Vande Bharat Express. Taking an important step towards modernization and expansion, a plan to manufacture a total of 8000 Vande Bharat Express coaches in the next few years has been announced. These 8000 coaches will be replaced by replacing old coaches. It has been said in the report that the plan is to further improve these semi high speed trainsets.

Vande Bharat train is famous for traveling with comfortable travel and good facilities. Vande Bharat Express train consists of 16 coaches, but it can be run with 8 coaches as per requirement. At present it is operated in most of the states of the country and in a few years it has been planned to connect it with the rest of the country’s routes. According to the Ministry of Railways, about two-thirds of the coaches will be made in the upcoming production.

Vande Bharat new coach cost

The cost of a 16-coach trainset is estimated to be around Rs 130 crore. The Integral Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai has been tasked to manufacture 3,200 Vande Bharat coaches of the sleeper variant. Significantly, so far only the seating coaches have been prepared for the Vande Bharat Express train. With the planned expansion, 1,600 coaches will be produced at ICF, while the rest will be produced by MCF-Rae Bareli and RCF-Kapurthala.

This year so many Vande Bharat will be ready

The number of Vande Bharat rakes is also expected to reach 75 this financial year as against 25. According to Railway Ministry officials, around 700 Vande Bharat coaches are expected to be produced this year. And in 2024-25, one thousand extra coaches will be prepared.

Vande Bharat Sleeper Coach

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav said that the first train of Vande Bharat sleeper variant will be made early next year. This train will be run like long distance trains. It will be run for a distance of first 500 km just like Rajdhani. The design of coaches will be in a new way, which can be of two types.

Please tell that some companies have been given tender for the production of Vande Bharat coaches. Russian rolling-stock major TMH will manufacture 120 Vande Bharats, including the sleeper variant, in partnership with India’s Rail Vikas Nigam Limited. In addition, BHEL has been awarded the contract to manufacture 80 similar coaches. In addition, French major Alstom will be involved in manufacturing 100 Vande Bharat trains fitted with aluminum bodies.


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