Indian Railways: 12 lakh railway employees walk out, salary increased by ₹ 27000 before Diwali

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Indian Railways: 12 lakh railway employees walk out, salary increased by ₹ 27000 before Diwali

Indian Railways Employees: About 12 lakh Railway employees have received Diwali gifts. His salary has increased because the Railway Board has announced increase in his dearness allowance. Railway employees will get this increased dearness allowance from July 1. Just a few days ago, the Union Cabinet had announced to increase the DA of all central employees.

Railway employees set out before Diwali. Railway Board has announced to increase the dearness allowance of about 12 lakh employees of Indian Railways. Now railway employees will get 46 percent dearness allowance instead of 42 percent of their basic salary. This will be applicable from July 1, 2023, that is, all the employees will get the arrear money along with their salary.

Railway Board has given this information by writing a letter to the General Managers and Chief Administrative Officers of ‘All India Railways and Production Units’ on 23 October 2023. Railway Board says that increasing dearness allowance by 4 percent is a very gratifying decision.

Government gave bonus 4 days ago

Railway Board has announced this increase in the salary of the employees, 5 days after increasing the dearness allowance of the central employees. The increase in dearness allowance of about 48 lakh central government employees and 67 lakh pensioners was announced last week. The Union Cabinet has released a budget of Rs 15,000 crore for this, which also includes Diwali bonus.

Salary will increase up to Rs 27,000

With this decision of the Railway Board, the salary of railway employees will increase by Rs 27,000. Its calculation is as follows. The minimum basic salary of employees in Railways is Rs 18,000. Dearness allowance of 42 percent comes to Rs 7560. Whereas at 46 percent this amount becomes Rs 8280, which means there has been an increase of Rs 720 in the salary every month.

Whereas the maximum basic salary of railway employees is up to Rs 56,900. In this, DA at 42% becomes Rs 23,898, which will now become Rs 26,174 at 46%. In this way, his monthly salary has increased by Rs 2276, which after calculating for the whole year comes to Rs 27,312.

Employees welcomed the decision

Railway employee organizations have welcomed this decision of the Railway Board just before Diwali. Shiv Gopal Mishra, general secretary of All India Railway Men’s Federation, said, ‘The employees were to get DA from July, so it was the right of the employees to get it. I welcome the decision to announce its payment before Diwali.

Meanwhile, M. Raghavaiah, General Secretary of the National Federation of Indian Railway Men, said that DA is paid on the basis of Consumer Price Index. Its purpose is to protect the employees from the effects of inflation. Inflation has increased very rapidly in the country in recent times.

In response to a question in the Lok Sabha, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav had said that till February 1, 2023, the total number of railway employees in the country is 11,75,925. Indian Railways is the largest employer in the country.


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