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Heyy App – Hi friends! Are you seeking a video chat with a stranger or brand-new buddies over a distance? There are many applications accessible in the Android Play Store that you may always utilize to create wonderful memories. Of course, this is the app. One of the greatest free video calling apps for ladies and boys is Heyy-Live Video Chat.

Heyy App– Live Video Call Download Link!

Amazingly, when you’re using the Heyy app, which is downloadable on Google Play for Android, you don’t consider any security precautions. So, the guidelines for downloading this app are mentioned below.

  • Go to Android Play store App
  • In Search bar Type “Heyy-Live Video Call”
  • Find Heyy App Logo & app shown below
  • Finally Click to Install the app

How to use Heyy – Live Video Call 

You finally have everything you need to live with strangers after the Heyy app has been installed successfully. But before launching a video call, finish a few steps.

  • Open the “Heyy – Live Video Call App”
  • Just read and accept the heyy app’s terms and conditions.
  • then “sign in” using a Google or Facebook account.
  • Next, provide your birthdate and nickname.
  • Choose a gender: male or female.
  • Once you click “next,” you may interact with people from all around the world.
  • If both genders are your preference, the service is completely free.
  • You need diamonds and coins, which you must buy, to choose a particular gender. We suggest using free services.

Features of heyy – Live video call app

What annoys you the most about online social media? a breach of one’s privacy? lack of subject matters? Embarrassment or social anxiety? Heyy, a video chat social app that allows you to interact with new people while being anonymously, can easily address all these issues! You (particularly the females) can “wear” unique masks during video chats to maintain your anonymity. Of course, whenever you wish, you may remove the mask and reveal your face. It’s all up to you.

About Heyy – Live video call app!

App NameHeyy-Live video call
DeveloperKala Pte Ltd
Size60 MB
Is Available Play StoreYes

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