H1B visa: Will the rules of H1B visa change to benefit Indians? American government proposed

H1B visa
H1B visa: Will the rules of H1B visa change to benefit Indians? American government proposed

H1B visa: The US government has proposed a change in the rules of H1B visa and Indians are expected to benefit from it.

A proposal has been made to change the rules of H1B visa. The aim of the US government is to correct the parameters, bring flexibility between the employer and employee, and prevent potential abuse and fraud. For this reason, the US government has decided to amend the rules of H1B visa, due to which many proposals for changes have been presented.

Even after making major changes, the annual limit of 60 thousand H1B visas issued by the US government will remain unchanged. However, Indian workers are expected to get more benefits from these changes. Let us know what changes the government has proposed in H1B visa.

Changes in selection process

To prevent misuse, there is a plan to implement single registration selection process. According to PTI, every person will be given entry only once, irrespective of their registration number.

Fraud protection

Registration will not be allowed more than once. So that the possibility of fraud can be reduced. There will also be a plan to reject the application in case of non-compliance.

Change in eligibility also

Apart from their education, the selection of people will also be focused on other criteria. According to PTI report, users will have to describe their work in detail.

Benefits to startups and businessmen

This H1B visa is being prepared to specifically benefit businessmen and startups. Experts believe that Indians can definitely benefit from these changes.

What will be the benefit of change?

After the approval of this proposal by the US government, it is expected that the number of startups will increase. Also, the change in H1B visa will provide flexibility to the F1 program and will affect the capacity of nominee grant workers.


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