FraudGPT: ChatGPT’s brother came to clear your account, know the ‘panacea’ solution

What is FraudGPTWormGPT
ChatGPT's brother came to clear your account, know the 'panacea' solution

What is FraudGPT/WormGPT: With the advent of Artificial Intelligence, the work has become easier, but at the same time it has also increased the possibility of online crimes especially digital fraud…

As technology progresses, people’s work becomes easier. Along with this, the challenges also increase. Now take the latest example of Artificial Intelligence. Due to artificial intelligence becoming smarter, big tasks of people are becoming possible in a pinch, on the other hand it has also increased the risk of emptying your bank account in a blink of an eye.

AI crimes

Now you must be thinking that what can be the threat to your bank account from Artificial Intelligence! If you think so, then this news is for you only. A recent news of Times of India tells about the very dangerous trend. It has been claimed in the news that cyber criminals are using cutting edge technology like artificial intelligence on a large scale to make innocent people victims.

These tools are built on ChatGPT-3

These cyber criminals are active in the world of dark web, where many advanced generative AI chatbots are being sold under names like FraudGPT and WormGPT. It is being told about these advanced generative AI that they can work like a weapon for criminals by going beyond any rule-law, limit etc. They have been developed on ChatGPT-3 technology.

Will be cheated well

AI chatbots such as FraudGPT and WormGPT can do everything from writing phishing emails to creating malware and cracking tools for cyber criminals. With the help of these, cyber criminals can prepare such phishing emails or messages, which can be well deceived in identifying them. Just once you were deceived that all your hard earned money was wasted.

available for sale on the dark web

According to the news, these generative AIs are available on monthly subscriptions ranging from $200 to $1,700. Meaning any cyber criminal can use AI chatbots like FradGPT and WormGPT in their criminal activities by spending Rs 1.50 to 35 thousand per month. The world of dark web is so deep and complicated that later it becomes difficult to trace them.

This is the best way to save

Now the question arises that how should the common man defend himself? So the most effective way of protection is that you should neither be afraid nor fall in greed. Criminals mostly make people their victims with these two things. Either they will scare you and then blackmail you, or they will make you pauper by trapping you in some greed. The second solution is to separate the device for both banking and other financial works and communication. And in the end, know one useful thing that in case of any doubt, immediately dial 1930 and tell the whole story. This is a helpline created by the government for the prevention of digital crimes. You can also register a complaint on this helpline.


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