Digital Gold: Invest in digital gold this Diwali, what will be the better option between mutual funds, gold bonds or ETFs?

buy digital gold
Digital Gold: Invest in digital gold this Diwali, what will be the better option between mutual funds, gold bonds or ETFs?

Buy digital gold online india: Digital gold is considered a better investment option than physical gold. Let us try to understand what you can get in which option of digital gold.

Diwali 2023: If you want to buy gold this Diwali, then digital gold can also be a good option. Digital gold has gained immense popularity. It has also received the trust of investors. In the form of digital gold, you have options like gold mutual funds, gold exchange traded funds and sovereign gold bonds. Let us understand which of these can be the best option for you.

Disadvantages of keeping gold at home

Buying gold and keeping it at home can make you emotionally happy. But risks like theft, loss or breakage remain. Also, if it is kept in a locker, additional charges have to be paid. However, there are many safe options in the market, through which you can not only buy gold but can also stay away from all these risks.

Jewelery is worth less than coins or gold bars.

As investors, we have to understand that gold bars and coins get better value than jewelery at the time of resale. When selling jewellery, you get a price less than the market rate. But by investing in digital gold, you can be assured that you will get its market value during resale.

Gold etf

Gold ETFs trade on stock exchanges and invest in physical gold and futures contracts. It allows investors to buy and sell shares. By including ETFs in your portfolio, you can keep your investments strong and also protect yourself from market volatility. Besides, you do not need to invest much money in this. You can start investing even with just one gram of gold.

Gold mutual fund

Gold mutual funds invest money in schemes that buy gold ETFs. You can buy shares in a portfolio of gold-related assets like mining stocks, gold ETFs and bullion through gold mutual funds. This will not only diversify your portfolio but will also make it safer and yield higher returns. Systematic investment in gold is easier with the help of mutual funds. You can start here with just Rs 500.

Sovereign Gold Bonds

Gold Bonds (SGB) are considered better than gold ETFs. Here you get 2.5 percent higher interest rate than ETF annually. Under gold bonds, investors can buy gold on paper. SGB can also be taken from bank or post office. These gold bonds issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) are safe and reliable. If you keep them for eight years then your income becomes tax free.

Where can you buy digital gold (best app to buy digital gold in India)

One can buy digital gold through many online platforms including Paytm, PhonePe, Google Pay and many other platforms. You can also buy it from stockbrokers and trading platforms.


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