Deposits increased due to the return of Rs 2000 notes in banks, Rs 3.26 lakh crore returned till June 2

2000 rupees note news in tamil
2000 rupees note news in tamil

Bank Deposit: The decision of the Reserve Bank of India to withdraw the Rs 2000 note from circulation has proved to increase deposits for the country’s banks. RBI had asked to withdraw Rs 2000 notes from May 23 or deposit them in bank accounts, after which banks are getting a large number of Rs 2000 notes. A big figure has come out regarding this only.

Rs 3.26 lakh crore returned to banks

In the fortnight ending June 2, the currency deposited by commercial banks in the form of Rs 2000 notes has increased by Rs 3.26 lakh crore. Due to this, the deposits of banks have come to Rs 187.02 lakh crore and this is a huge figure.

Information obtained from RBI data

This data has been given in the Weekly Statistical Supplement of the Reserve Bank of India and according to this, in just 15 days, Rs 3.26 lakh crore had come in the country’s banking system as Rs 2000, after which the deposits have increased to Rs 187.02 lakh crore. . Under this, term deposits have increased to Rs 2.65 lakh crore and the amount of demand deposits has come to Rs 7,60,968 crore.

Sharp rise in deposit growth

Due to the return of these 2000 rupee notes to the banks, there has been a deposit growth of 11.8 percent this year and this is a good figure compared to its previous year. Last year it had come down to 9.8 per cent.

RBI had given information on June 8 also

RBI Governor Shaktikanta Das had given information on June 8 and said that till now Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 1.80 lakh crore have returned to the system banking system. He said that till March 31, 2023, this is 50 percent of the 2000 rupee notes that were in circulation, that is, 50 percent of the notes have come back. The RBI governor told that till this period notes worth Rs 3.62 lakh crore were in circulation in the banking system.


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