Delhi Air Pollution: If the wind direction changes even a little, it will rain in Meerut instead of Delhi! Artificial rain is not that easy

Artificial rain in Delhi
Delhi Air Pollution: If the wind direction changes even a little, it will rain in Meerut instead of Delhi! Artificial rain is not that easy

Artificial rain in Delhi: Scientists of IIT Kanpur have said that they can get rid of smog and pollution by creating artificial rain in Delhi. This is also correct. But for how many days will this provide relief? Will smog end from Delhi-NCR? forever. or else. There will be relief for a few days. Read the special report…

There will be artificial rain for the first time in Delhi on 20th and 21st November. That means cloud seeding will be done by putting chemicals in the clouds from airplanes. Then the same clouds will fall on the land of the capital in the form of rain. It is the responsibility of IIT Kanpur to make it rain. But the question is whether this will be a permanent solution to pollution?

There will be two types of problems. Very simple. First wind speed and direction. Secondly, there should be 40 percent clouds in the sky and there should be liquid in it. That means water. Now, there will be some difference between these two situations, but if there is too much difference then the trial of artificial rain on Delhi may prove to be useless. Or it may have a negative impact.

Artificial Rain in Delhi

Delhi government has held three meetings with scientists from IIT Kanpur in this regard since July. Then this decision has been taken. However, for this the Delhi government still has to take permission from the Supreme Court. If permission is obtained from the Supreme Court, then there will be fake rain from the sky of Delhi on 20-21 November.

What is artificial rain?

For artificial rain, scientists release silver iodide, dry ice and common salt into clouds at a certain height in the sky. This is called cloud seeding. It is necessary that there should be at least 40 percent clouds in the sky. In which some water is present. The problem is that the amount of clouds over the capital is less in November. Therefore, there may be a problem in cloud seeding.

Water in clouds is necessary for cloud seeding

Cloud seeding will be possible only when there are 40 percent clouds in the sky. There must be some amount of water i.e. liquid in those clouds. For this it is not necessary to fly among the clouds by plane. This work can also be done with balloon or rocket. But for this, correct selection of clouds is necessary. There is not enough water in the clouds in winter. In winter there is not enough moisture to form clouds. If the weather is dry, the water drops will turn into steam before reaching the ground.

It is not known how much pollution will be reduced by this rain?

So far, scientific evidence has not been found whether this type of rain will reduce pollution or not. Or how much less it will be. In fact, for cloud seeding, high pressure solution of silver iodide has to be sprayed into the clouds from a small Cessna or similar aircraft. For this the plane flies in the opposite direction to the wind.

Artificial Rain in Delhi

The chemical is released as soon as the right cloud is encountered. Due to this, the water in the clouds cools down to zero degree Celsius. Due to which the water particles present in the air freeze. The particles are formed as if they were natural snow. After this it rains. But it requires many types of permissions.

The cost of making it rain once is Rs 10 to 15 lakh.

If there is artificial rain in Delhi, it will cost around Rs 10 to 15 lakh. Till now 53 countries in the world have conducted this type of experiment. Small trials of this artificial rain have been conducted with small aircraft in Kanpur. In some it rained and in some it was just drizzle. Preparations were made for artificial rain in Delhi in 2019 also. But due to lack of clouds and permission from ISRO, the matter was postponed.

What do scientists say – artificial rain will reduce pollution?

According to scientists, artificial rain is not a permanent solution to smog or severe air pollution. This may provide relief for some time. 4-5 days or 10 days. This will not be of much benefit. The second danger is that if suddenly there is a strong wind, the chemical can go to some other district. If artificial rain happens in Meerut instead of Delhi, then all the hard work goes in vain. Therefore, it is also important to calculate the correct movement of clouds and wind.

Is this rain needed?

There has been a layer of smog in Delhi-NCR for the last several days. There is terrible air pollution. Whatever methods have been adopted for prevention, they all seem to be failing. Smoke tower, water sprinkler, smog gun etc. These methods provide some benefit in small areas. But not for long. Therefore, rain is the only solution which will provide relief from this terrible pollution for some time.


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