Amazon Satellite Internet: Amazon to enter satellite broadband soon, know details

Amazon Satellite Internet
Amazon Satellite Internet: Amazon to enter satellite broadband soon, know details

Amazon Satellite Internet: Amazon, which is the largest e-commerce platform in the world, is now entering another field. The field is preparing to launch satellite based broadband services soon. The full details are as follows.

Amazon Satellite Internet: Amazon is entering the Elon Musk SpaceX-style business. Project Kuiper is being launched to launch satellite based broadband services. It has applied for permits to start in India as well.

Amazon, the largest e-commerce platform, has already expanded into many other sectors, including entertainment. Now it is ready to provide satellite based internet services soon. This service will also be provided in India. Elon Musk is already in the business of satellite-based broadband services. Satellite broadband means the fastest internet services without interruption. For this, Amazon is preparing to launch 3236 satellites in lower earth orbit. Amazon aims to bring at least half of these planets into orbit by 2026.

Elon Musk-led Starlink has already prepared the ground to provide satellite-based internet services in India. An application has been made for the related permissions. More than 5 thousand satellites have already been launched in lower orbit. Starlink internet services will start soon. Now Amazon is entering the field. An application has been made to the Government of India for permissions. It will provide internet services at a low price of 1 Gbps.

Amazon company is preparing to provide internet even in remote areas of the country through satellite based broadband services. Because India is the biggest market for internet. There is still a lot of market space in this sector. The Government of India has already granted GMPCS approvals to OneWeb and Jio satellites.


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