8th Pay Commission: Good News implementation of the 8th Pay Commission soon? When is the 44% hike in employee wages?

8th Pay Commission

8th Pay Commission: With the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission, employees are waiting for a long time that their fitment factor will increase soon.

8th Pay Commission, Latest Update: Central government employees have been making some demands for a long time. Implementation of eighth pay commission, 18-month DA arrears, old pension scheme are some of the major demands. Employees have been waiting for a long time for the implementation of the 8th Pay Commission and their fitment factor to increase soon. If both are approved, federal employees’ salaries will increase by 44 percent.

In order to provide relief to central government employees from inflation, hike in dearness allowance is announced every six months. The notification regarding the increase in the tariff from July 2023 is expected to come out this month (September). After that there will be good increase in salary of employees. Central government employees are waiting to know when the 8th Pay Commission will be implemented next and when the fitment factor will increase. If both are approved, federal employees’ salaries will increase by 44 percent.

Central government employees are currently drawing pay and steps as per the recommendations of the 7th Pay Commission which was implemented almost 9 years ago in 2014. Now it is time to implement the next pay commission. However, the central government does not have a clear stand on the 8th Pay Commission. However, after the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, the Center is likely to set up the 8th Pay Commission and implement it by 2025-26, government sources said.

As the fitment factor increases, the pay structure also changes:

If the central government implements the 8th pay commission, the fitment factor will increase. Fitment factor plays a very important role in the salary of central employees. Apart from the allowances of these employees, their basic salary is determined based on fitment factor.

After the 7th Pay Commission came into effect in 2014, the fitment factor was changed from 2016 onwards. Out of which the pay is being paid on the basis of fitment factor of 2.57 percent. Central employees have demanded to increase the fitment factor. The employees want the government to increase the fitment factor to 3.68 percent.

Salaries of central government employees will be increased by 44 percent.

Let us understand with an example how much the salary of central government employees will increase if the 8th pay commission is implemented or if the government increases the percentage of fitment factor. Currently, there is a fitment factor of 2.57 per cent for central employees. According to this, the minimum basic salary of central employees is Rs.18,000. If the fitment factor rises to 3.68 per cent, the minimum basic salary will rise by over 44 per cent ie directly from Rs 18,000 to Rs 26,000.

Every 10 years a new pay commission comes into force

It is noteworthy that in 2013, the 7th Pay Commission was formed. After that it was implemented in 2016. After this there was a substantial increase in the salaries of the employees. Now the fortune of employees is going to shine again. It is to be noted that the recommendations of the new pay commission are implemented every 10 years.


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