7th Pay Commission: Central employees can get these two big gifts, there will be so much increase in salary

7th Pay Commission Update
Central employees can get these two big gifts, there will be so much increase in salary

DA Hike News: Government is going to increase dearness allowance very soon. Apart from this, one more thing can be increased. This can lead to a big increase in salary.

7th Pay Commission Update: Central employees can get two big good news soon. According to some reports, according to the AICPI index released so far, the Modi government may increase the dearness allowance and dearness relief of employees and pensioners by up to 4 percent before the upcoming elections. If this is done, the dearness allowance given by the government to the employees will increase from 42 per cent to 46 per cent.

If the dearness allowance of the employees increases, then a good increase can be seen in their salary. Apart from this, pensioners will also get increased pension. At the same time, there is news that along with the DA increase, the government can also increase the HRA. Please tell that HRA is given according to the cities. It is divided into three categories.

AICPI figures will be released on July 31

DA is increased twice a year by the Central Government. It has been increased in January and now it is going to increase in July. This increase depends on the data released by the Labor Department. AICPI index figures for May 2023 have been released. According to this, the rate of dearness allowance has reached 45.57 points. Now the June figures will be released on July 31. There is a possibility that there will be a 4 percent increase in DA in July.

How much will the salary increase

If there is a 4 percent increase in DA, then the annual increase on the minimum salary of Rs 18,000 will be Rs 8,640. At the same time, dearness allowance will increase by Rs 27,312 on the basic salary of 56 thousand. Apart from this, the pension of pensioners will also increase. About 1 crore pensioners and employees will get benefit from this.

How much will be the increase in HRA

According to media reports, there may be an increase in HRA along with dearness allowance. The last time the House Rent Allowance was increased in 2021. Once again it is expected to increase and this time HRA may increase up to 3 percent. HRA can be increased up to 3% in X category cities and only 2% in Y category cities and 1% in Z category.


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